by Sam Sloan

What does anyone think of the idea of a book on the life of The Great Wimmer? Manfred Wimmer was the first Westerner ever to reach professional strength at the game of go. Wimmer wrote the section on go history which is published in the Encyclopedia of Japan. However, in spite of being married to a Japanese woman, Wimmer was twice charged with rape in Japan. He was expelled from that country in 1979 and again in 1984. He spent much of the remainder of his life in Madagascar, where he wrote letters extolling the wonders of African pussy and stating that once you have had African pussy, you don't want other women any more. Wimmer died in Vienna last year. He finished second in the European go championship just before his death.

I propose that such a book would have all of the details of Wimmer's life, from a promising student from Austria of Applied Mathematics at Heidelberg University, to 2-dan professional go player in Osaka to a convicted rapist in Japan.

I have long been fascinated by Wimmer. I have often told his story about how he used to go around to various small towns in Japan hustling the local pros for money at go by playing on the 2-2 point on the first move. The pros who did not know the tricks involved in this move (and most of them did not) would play on the 3-3 point thinking that they could kill that stone. However, that stone cannot be killed, and Wimmer would be able to surround and kill the group that was trying to kill it.

I last saw Wimmer at the go club in Vienna, Austria in October, 1986, when I happened to be passing through.

It has been my understanding that part of the modus operandi of Wimmer was to claim to be a Playboy photographer and to take pornographic pictures of each Japanese girl before he jumped on her and raped her. That way, when the police came to question him about this, he would show the photographs to the police to prove that she was a promiscuous slut and not the virgin that she claimed to have been.

If this is true (and I have no reason to believe that it is not) then I would imagine that Wimmer still had those photographs with him when he died.

Included would be pornographic photos taken by Wimmer of his numerous female victims, photos and interviews of his wife and of the various Japanese girls Wimmer screwed, complete go tournament results of Wimmer, and great games of go played by Wimmer, with an in depth analysis of the games along with an analysis of the great contribution made by Wimmer in introducing the West to Japanese culture and in introducing the Japanese to Western Culture.

Did Wimmer leave behind any children, either in Japan, Madagascar, Europe or elsewhere?

I am sure that Wimmer would prefer to have this book written about him rather than no book at all. I would need to go to Vienna to collect the go games of Wimmer plus the pornographic photos of the pussies of any Japanese girls he fucked plus a report from his doctor of whatever loathsome disease he died from and so on so that I can come to Japan and write a book about that.

Wimmer might have maintained a list of names and even addresses of the girls he fucked, which might still be in his papers. It has always been assumed by those who knew him well that he fucked at least two hundred Japanese girls. I asked Wimmer about this. He wisely refused to comment on it. He did however state that had he not fucked three particular girls, he would have been able to fuck another two hundred more.

I think it is really important to get at the truth about this to find out the essence of the great man. Also, many readers of our book will want to learn Wimmer's techniques which enabled him to fuck more than two hundred Japanese girls, even though not all of them were virgins.

Also, we will definitely need to obtain the first game of go Wimmer played that we can find plus the last game he played before he died (even if it is not a very good game).

Did Wimmer's kidney disease and other medical problems have anything to do with him fucking African women during the last years of his life? I have always been afraid to go to Africa and to do that for precisely that reason.

However, first one needs to find out who is handling Wimmer's estate and initiate contact with that person. There is a significant danger that all of the pictures of the naked Japanese girls whom Wimmer fucked have already been deposited in the trash dumpsite. We need to get at that historically vitally important stuff right away, before it is too late.

I hope that the letters Wimmer wrote, which contain valuable insights into the wonders of African pussy, have been saved.

The fact that Wimmer was essentially a degenerate who died at an early age would provide a strong moral lesson for today's youth.

What does anyone think of this idea?

Sam Sloan

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