Brooklyn Boy Makes Good in Japan

Brooklyn Community Access Television is pleased to bring you a broadcast of "Brooklyn Boy Makes Good in Japan" in two parts. The first part will be shown on Thursday, March 17 on Brooklyn Cable TV at 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST on Time Warner Channel 34 and on Cablevision Channel 67. It can also be seen on the Internet at in streaming video at those times by clicking on Box 1, which is the box for channels 34 and 67.

The Second Part of "Brooklyn Boy Makes Good in Japan" will be broadcast on April 13, 2005 at 1:00 PM and again at 9:00 PM EST Daylight Savings Time. To see this show, go to and Click on Channel 3. It can also be seen on CableTV in Brooklyn only on Time Warner Channel 56 and Cablevision Channel 69.

In Part II, Mario leaves aside his wartime exploits and turns to the humanitarian public services and genetic upgradings he performed by deflowering 61 Japanese virgins.

The Interview is by Sam Sloan.

This is the true life story of a boy who grew up in the ghetto in the Bedford Stuyvesant Section of Brooklyn, who joined the Army and who in 1946 became one of the first occupation soldiers stationed in post-war Japan. He became completely fluent in the Japanese Language and was assigned to interrogate Japanese Prisoners of War. He later opened his own Japanese English Language School. He became an expert in Japanese guns, coins and swords and dealt in these and other Japanese artifacts and became a multi-millionaire doing this. He got so rich that he bought a condominium apartment across the street from the Japanese Imperial Palace. He deflowered 61 Japanese virgins, fathered numerous Japanese children and eventually became such an important figure in Japanese life that in 1995 the Japanese set a carefully planned trap. They arrested and deported him from Japan and took away most of the wealth he had accumulated and tragically took away most of his prize collection of 61 Japanese virgins, except for the few who followed him to America.

Now back in Brooklyn where he started, he agreed to be interviewed about all this.

His life has been the subject of numerous websites on the Internet, including "Hard Times in Tokyo, Japan" at and "The Story of Atsuko"

Viewers of these websites have tended to assume that he is a fictional person, but now that he has agreed to be interviewed on TV by Sam Sloan, it will be seen that he is a real person and the events he describes actually occurred.

The Executive Producer of "Brooklyn Boy Makes Good In Japan" is Gary Popkin, who is also the producer of "Hardfire", the Libertarian Alternative TV Show which can be seen on the same BCAT Channels 35 and 68 on Mondays at 10:30 PM EST.

Sam Sloan

UPDATE: This story is now the subject of a cable TV Show: Brooklyn Boy Makes Good in Japan.

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