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Subject: Re: Reading Comprehension Test for Chess Kids
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Date: 1997/09/14

I assume that most people know to take Sam Sloan's postings with a large grain of salt. That said, there are a couple of things that do need to be clarified...

One. I am a Juvenile Probation Officer. I did report Mr. Sloan to the Alexandria Department of Social Services at the 1996 US Open in Alexandria, VA after I found he and his daughter asleep under a table in the hotel lobby one morning at the event. Alexandria DSS responded to the hotel and with the aid of hotel security contacted the child's mother. This woman had legal custody of the child in question and informed them that the child had been taken out of state against her will. She made arrangements to come to Virginia to pick up her daughter.

I reported this incident not only because I am legally required to do so (the Virginia Code specifies by position certain state employees for whom reporting of child abuse is mandatory) but because I felt it was the appropriate thing to do. The child had been pretty much left to her own while Mr. Sloan was playing in the tournament. Parents of other children at the event had been feeding her and trying to look after her.

Two. I accept that Sam Sloan will twist this incident to his own ends. I see this mindset in action every day at work. I just wish he would make good the bad check he passed on the Virginia Chess Federation at the US Open.

Three, for those who took the reading comprehension test and wanted to check their answers... the following answer key is provided.

1) e
2) e
3) e
4) g OMOV is generally acknowledged to stand for 'One Member One Vote.'
5) g Virginia is a little girl who still believes in Santa Claus. And rightfully so!
6) g An innocent little girl who needs to meet the Virginia referenced in question number 5) above.

Woodrow Harris

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