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Over 1,300 Expected From Around The World

The 25th Annual World Open Chess Tournament, the largest open chess tournament in the world, returns again to the Adams Mark Hotel in Philadelphia for July 4th Weekend. Over 1,300 chess players from most every state, and many other countries from around the world, are expected to compete for a share of the world record $180,000 prize fund. Many of the world's top players will participate, including U.S. Champion International Grandmaster (GM) Alex Yermolinsky, last year's winner, who is returning to defend his title, and U.S. Women's Champion Angelina Belakovskaia. Also participating are some of the country's top junior players, including Vinay Bhat of San Jose, California, and Dmitry Schneider of Hastings, New York, the top two twelve-year-olds in the U.S., and 13-year-old Irina Krush of Brooklyn, New York, who is both ranked Number Four in the U.S. under age 15, as well as the top-ranked girl under age 16. They are three Chess Masters who have each defeated many experienced adults in rated events. There are nine separate sections for all levels of players, beginners, intermediate-level amateurs, and Masters and International Grandmasters. Players are placed into one of the sections based upon their national or international chess rating. Each player plays a total of nine games, and the highest-scoring players in each section win the prizes. The First Prize in the Open Section, where the top players compete, is $14,000. First prize in most of the lower sections is $10,000. The lower divisions in particular attract many youngsters, some as young as seven. Some players, adults as well as children, will even be playing in their first chess tournament. All participants will receive a national chess rating from the U.S. Chess Federation (USCF), which is used at tournaments throughout the U.S.

The main playing schedule begins 8 pm July 2nd, although a few players will choose to play their first four games starting June 28. Besides the main tournament, there are several one-day tournaments slated daily from June 28 - July 6, culminating in the World Open "Quick Chess" Championship, which begins 10 pm July 5th. Unlike traditional tournament games, which can last up to six hours, in Quick Chess each player has only ten minutes for the entire game, which leads to many exciting, action-filled finishes. Another interesting side event will be the World Open Doubles Championship, beginning 9:30 pm July 6th, where participants compete on 2-player teams, alternating turns every four moves. Spectators are welcome throughout the entire eight day chess convention.

For more information on the World Open or other USCF-rated tournaments, contact Continental Chess at the above numbers through June 25th. Beginning June 28th, inquiries should be directed to the Adams Mark Hotel in Philadelphia: 215-581-5000 (callers should ask for the chess tournament).


FROM: Steve Immitt (212) 477-3716 FAX: (212) 995-9281
Organizer (212) 675-0256
New York State Chess Championship

DATE: August 28, 1996

SUBJECT: 118th Annual New York State Chess Championship
(America's Longest-Running Chess Tournament)
August 30 - September 2, 1996: Saratoga Springs, New York

For more information, beginning Friday afternoon August 30th, call the Saratoga Springs Sheraton Hotel, host hotel of the tournament, directly at (518) 584-4000, and ask for "the chess tournament."

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