As Juanita Broaddrick herself has long recognized, there are problems with her case

We read in the news that Republican right wing extremists are calling for rape charges to be brought against Clinton, but that is impossible now.
Juanita Broaddrick, right, with two unidentified nursing home residents and then Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton (2nd from left) during a campaign stop in Van Buren when Clinton was running for Governor of Arkansas in 1978.

Not only has the statute of limitations long past to this 21-year-old story, but there is a well established judicial rule that a rape charge must be brought immediately. Even a delay of a few hours has been deemed too late to bring such a charge.

In addition, as even Ken Starr obviously realized, this charge is irrelevant to both the Paula Jones case and the Clinton impeachment case. Lewinsky was relevant, because she was for a brief period in their relationship a federal government employee. If she had remained a volunteer as she was when the relationship began, no case would have been brought.

Paula Jones was a state employee while Clinton was governor of Arkansas.

Juanita Broaddrick has never been either a state or a federal employee so what ever happened between her and Clinton does not give rise to a sexual harassment claim, as legally defined.

Furthermore, Juanita was in a weak position at the time because she was married to one man while carrying on a adulterous affair with another man. She obviously did not want this revealed. She eventually divorced her husband and married her lover, to whom she remains married to this day.

Finally, the details of her claim are sketchy. Although she says that Clinton "forced" her to have sexual intercourse with him, it seems that she did not put up much of a struggle. It seems unlikely if she had resisted that Clinton, then attorney general of Arkansas, would have continued to put the make on her.

There factors also explain why the responsible news media have been reluctant and unwilling to publicize this inflammatory case.

Sam Sloan

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UPDATE: The National Enquirer reports that Juanita Broaddrick has failed a lie detector test: Lie Detector Reveals ... Clinton Rape Charge is A LIE!

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