Ken Starr: Seeks Nice Lady with Experience Giving Blowjobs

During the summers, he sold Bibles door-to-door.

Originally from a small town in Texas, Ken Starr went East, to George Washington University and to Duke University Law School. He clerked for then-Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger and then joined the Washington office of the Gibson Dunn & Crutcher law firm.

Ken Starr
Seeks Nice Lady with Experience Giving Blowjobs

After serving as the youngest judge ever on the U.S. Court of Appeals and as President Bush's solicitor general, a special three-judge federal panel appointed him in August 1994 to investigate the Clintons' involvement in a failed Arkansas real estate development called Whitewater. It would have been hard to guess then what a high-profile job it would become.

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"He was not a bit girl-crazy," says his mother. "He never did date girls to amount to anything. He was nice to all of them."

Now, independent counsel Kenneth Winston Starr, 51, is bringing a strong air of moral rectitude, the legacy of a childhood as a conservative minister's son, to a job that has, in itself, become part of the controversy surrounding President Clinton. From the Whitewater tangle to the current scandal involving former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, he has doggedly -- some say overzealously -- pursued the president with a determination that those who knew him as a youth say is entirely in keeping with his personality.

Religion was central to the family's life. Members of the Church of Christ believe in the saving grace of baptism and are steeped in the New Testament teachings of Jesus -- the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Starr attended Sunday school each week and learned all the old Bible stories -- Joseph and his coat of many colors, Noah and the ark, the Sermon on the Mount.

UPDATE: Justice Department May investigate Ken Starr

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FURTHER UPDATE: Starr, Reno have 15 days to comment on possible independent counsel probe.

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