Cheesecake Photos from The New York Times

Early on in my career of posting web sites, I made what I believed to be a brilliant discovery: If you post a picture of a pretty girl on your web site, people will look at it.

However, if the girl is not so pretty, nobody will look.

This brilliant discovery has led me to search everywhere for pictures of pretty girls, so I can post them on my web site and trick people into reading my other stuff.

Then, I realized that I was not the first to discover this. Absolutely every publication anywhere of any kind whatever publishes pictures of good looking women whenever they can find an excuse to do so, and often when there is no excuse.

Even Chess Life magazine constantly publishes ads showing a photo of a good looking girl playing chess. Every issue has the same girl, and I am sure that she does not know the difference between a rook and a bishop.

Here is a photo published by "The Good, Gray Times" on May 6, 1998. Does this photo have any news value? Is The New York Times just trying to sell some newspapers?

Here are some of my own gratuitous photos:
Soon to come: I am expecting to receive in the mail a packet of luscious go-go girls from Japan in the next day or so. I am told that this will be something truly exceptional. Please check back in a day or two.

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