Miss Pattaya - 1998

Mayurin Pataraphanich was crowned the first ever Miss Pattaya at the Miss Pattaya 1998 contest at the Dusit Resort on April 25.

For those of you who know what kind of place Pattaya is, I hope that you will not think any evil thoughts about this young lady.

Mayurin Pataraphanich, Miss Pattaya 1998

I am sure that she is very nice inside.

To find out the inside scoop on Miss Pattaya 1998, read the Pattaya Mail .

I am going to make Miss Mayurin Pataraphanich famous, just watch! When I found this photo in the Pattaya Mail (where I stole it) on the night of May 5, 1998, that newspaper's website had only received 711 hits in all it's history.

My web site has been getting more than 32,000 hits per day. Go back now and see how many hits the Pattaya Mail has received (assuming that its server is not down by now.)

Perhaps Miss Mayurin Pataraphanich will find some way to reward me.

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