GM Salov complains that Games Parlor has bounced a check on him

Grandmaster Salov has made a complaint that Games Parlor paid him a check in the amount of one thousand dollars for his services in commenting on-line. The check was paid at the World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul by Amy Sullivan, and the check has bounced.

After eight months of trying to resolve this problem, Salov has gone public with it.

The check he offers as evidence is dated 11/3/2000 and is drawn on the PNC Bank in Pittsburgh and is signed by Amy Sullivan, one of the partners in Games Parlor.

Salov assumes that the check is the responsibility of the USCF, but the check itself is clearly written on a Games Parlor account. The address on the check is:
Check for $1000 from Games Parlor to Grandmaster Salov
Check for $1000 from Games Parlor to Grandmaster Salov

GamesParlor, Inc.
5001 Baum Boulevard
Suite 696
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 481-0497

Here is what Grandmaster Salov says about this:

"Let me inform you, dear delegates, on a more personal note, about my grievances in the hands of the US Chess Federation and its filial company GamesParlor, Inc. In August 2000 I had a pleasure of giving an online conference to the USCF members, which was only one of the activities within the framework of an ambitious Internet project under the auspices of the USCF. During the Olympiad in Istanbul (November 2000) I was paid by check (signed by Ms. Amy Sullivan) a sum of $1.000 for the said conference. An attempt to cash the check in Spain had, however, backfired on me. The check was turned back as the result of insufficient funds on the corresponding account (with all due expenses charged to my own account).

"In the mid-January 2001, following the advice of Ms. Barbara deMaro, I had contacted by email Ms. Amy Sullivan, who immediately promised me to resolve the problem within a few days. One month later, with still no news from the USA, I had contacted her again but this time received no reply at all. Up to the moment I have yet not received any payment. Has the USCF gone bankrupt?

"GM Valery Salov,
"World Players' Council, President"

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