Bobby Fischer Interviewed over the Radio

Free at Last! Free at Last! Bobby Fischer is Free at Last!
Bobby Fischer with Miss Watai behind him
Bobby Fischer walks through Narita Airport wearing his prison denims while his smiling and dutiful Japanese wife Miss Watai pushes their airport luggage trolley behind him.

IMPORTANT NEWS: Iceland has offered a residency visa to Bobby Fischer, to help get him out of jail.

Bobby Fischer Radio Interview, January 27, 2002

After 27 years of giving almost no interviews to the press, World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer has suddenly been interviewed five times on the radio, four in the Philippines and once in Hungary.
All the interviews can now be heard.

Here is the interview everyboby is screaming about.
Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer

Here are the first five interviews which took place via the Philippines: You will need to download Real Player to hear them, if you do not have it already:

The subject of these interviews is the website which offered "WORLD WIDE MEMORABILIA COLLECTION FROM INTERNATIONAL CHESS CHAMPION BOBBY FISHER INCL Handwritten Move-by-Move Game Diaries, Personal Business Ad Media Correspondence, International Tournament Posters, Many Photographs, Scrapbooks, Bronze Bust of Bobby Fisher, Autograph Books from Richard Nixon, Original Watercolor & Autograph from American Artist James Boren, etc., etc., etc..."

(One visitor kindly provided a list of Fischer's personal items that were recently auctioned)


LOT 148
Box Lot of Scrapbooks of Bobby Fisher's Chess Matches, some from Russian Newspapers, some from Spanish Newspapers, etc.
LOT 150
Box Lot of Correspondence To & From Bobby Fischer, Chess Magazines and Other Items
LOT 151
Box Lot of Telegrams To Bobby Fischer During World Chess Championship
LOT 152
Box Lot of Books Inscribed to Bobby Fischer (not by authors)
LOT 153
From the People of New York given to Bobby Fischer - Leather Scrapbook with Letter and Telegram from Mayor John V. Lindsay of New York City
LOT 154
Box Lot of Personal Letters to Bobby Fischer, Fischer's Nevada Driving License (exp date 03-09-74) and Social Security Card bearing Pseudonym Robert D. James
LOT 155
Personal Letters from Boris Spassky to Bobby Fischer, Autographed Book from Richard Nixon (January 10, 1988) and Telegram from Henry Kissinger to Fisher during 1972 World Chess Championship
LOT 156
Box Lot of Photos of Bobby Fischer Playing Chess and Personal Shots from Time Magazine Photographers
LOT 157
Bronze Bust and Photo of Bobby Fischer
LOT 158
Box Lot of Autographed Books to Bobby Fischer and Record Album Autographed by Comedian Gallagher
LOT 159
Bobby Fischer's Chess Move Diaries
LOT 160
Box Lot of Chess Banners, Awards and Posters
Book with Original Watercolor by American Artist James Boren and Inscribed to Bobby Fischer
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