Introducing Dr. David W. Cash and his manual on Creation

by Ismail Sloan

Dr. David W. Cash obtained his doctoral degree from the Andersonville Baptist Seminary in Camille, Georgia. He is the pastor of the Fellowship Community Christian Church at 500 Church Street, Madison Heights VA 24572.

The address of Dr. David W. Cash is P.O. Box 338, Monroe, Virginia 24574. His telephone number is (804) 845-6350.

Dr. Cash has an e-mail address: However, his modem is not working and he has not been on line for some time.

Dr. Cash has recently established a Christian School in Madison Heights, Virginia, which goes up to high school. The address of that school is 500 Church Street, Madison Heights, VA 24572.

Dr. Cash also teaches at the Temple Baptist Church and School, Route 29 North, Madison Heights VA 24572. His widely acclaimed manual on creation is being used as a textbook for the education of children at that school.

Let me explain how I came to know Dr. David W. Cash: Due to my deviation from the proper religious authorities in Lynchburg, Virginia, my daughter Shamema Honzagool Sloan at the age of 8 was kidnapped away from me in Abu Dhabi in 1990 and has been held at the Temple Baptist Church and School ever since. When I came to get my kidnapped daughter back, I was arrested and held prisoner in the Lynchburg City Jail for five months. Dr. Cash was a deputy in charge of the jail. He became my jailer. It was due to being a prisoner in his jail that I became familiar with the teachings of Dr. Cash and that I am now able to bring to you these teachings on line.

This manual on creation by Dr. Cash has been used to teach my own daughter, Shamema. In the six years since she was kidnapped, my daughter has graduated from the Temple Baptist Church and School and is now being taken to Jerry Falwell's own Liberty Christian Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia. My daughter is still being taken to worship services in the Temple Baptist Church and School, where Dr. Cash is a teacher.

Now, I bring you, free of any cost or expense, the manual on creation by Dr. David W. Cash, at the following address:

Evolution versus Creation

To contact Dr. Dave Cash, please send e-mail to the following address:
Dr. David W. Cash
P.O. Box 338
Monroe, Virginia 24574

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UPDATE: Dr. David W. Cash has a new church and his own website now. Go to Fellowship Community Church

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