Chelsea Clinton makes People magazine

The White House slammed a People magazine cover story on Hillary and Chelsea Clinton that hit the stands on February 5.

The "Leave Chelsea Alone" view flares up whenever coverage of the ongoing impeachment and Sexgate scandals gets close to the Stanford University campus.
Chelsea and Hillary Clinton on the cover of People Magazine

The Stanford Daily - the school newspaper - maintained its policy against coverage of Chelsea or other campus celebs.

"We mention them when they make news in a way an ordinary student would make news," said Editor Jim Tankersley.

As an example, Tankersley said, the paper recently wrote about a student named Carolyn Starr, who is a member of an award-winning campus a cappella group, identifying her only as "a freshman." There was no mention of her father, Kenneth.

But far from the Stanford campus, critics complained Chelsea has become a public figure - precisely because of the role she plays in shaping public opinion about her controversial parents.

During the 1992 presidential campaign, Chelsea was featured in a photo spread in People magazine. However, the difference between this article and that is that the current article deals with the anguish Chelsea supposedly feels because of her father's dalliance with Monica S. Lewinsky

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