Unreported Chess Scandals

Bruce Draney has published a list of chess scandals which he says were never reported, but in fact they were all well known and some of them were not scandals.

His list is biased. He blames Mike Cavallo for the "repeated failure of our vendor for our software system to complete paid for upgrades on our systems". Draney does not mention that Dullea, Lawrence, Filippone and Dullea again also failed to complete the computer upgrade.

I can think of a number of chess scandals which really have never been reported. This is by necessity a short list, but I welcome others to add to the list.

1. Back in the early 1980s, the USCF paid Ed Labate a large sum of money because he threatened to sue the USCF. How much was paid and about what did Labate threaten to sue.

2. At the 1956 Eastern States Open in Washington DC, an announcement was made that the suit by Norman T. Whitaker against the USCF had just been settled. What was the suit about, in what court was it filed, and what was the settlement?

3. Norman T. Whitaker was an International Chess Master and was one of the strongest and easily one of the most active chess players in the United States. Yet, his name was never mentioned in any chess publication from 1932 until 1969, when Chess Life published a cover story about him. Why was his name never mentioned for 37 years?

4. International Chess Master Raymond Weinstein has been a prisoner for 36 years from 1964 until the present. What is he in for and why has the USCF made no effort to get him out?

5. In 1996, the USCF paid $60,000 to a lawyer to save itself from being prosecuted for violating UN sanctions by buying chess books from Yugoslavia during the War in Bosnia. Why did not the USCF ask the same lawyer to get the criminal charges against Bobby Fischer for violating the same UN sanctions dropped?

This is a short list. I hope others with good memories will add to it.

Sam Sloan

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