2003 USCF Election Results

On July 16, 2003, the Ballots were counted for the USCF Election. There were six candidates for three seats on the USCF Executive Board. Beatriz Marinello, Tim Hanke and Don Schultz were elected. They were followed by Joe Wagner, Sam Sloan and Mikel Petersen.

The election of Tim Hanke has been deemed the greatest upset in USCF Election history. Nobody supported him. Everybody assumed that he would finish last, and thus he was not taken seriously as a candidate. His campaign was anti-establishment. For example, he called one chess personality "a murderer".

The election was a setback for kingmaker Bill Goichberg, who had supported Schultz, Wagner and Petersen for election. Many had predicted that Wagner would finish first. Only one of Goichberg's picks got elected, whereas in the 2001 election, all four of Goichberg's candidates had been elected.

This was the first election under OMOV, or One Member One Vote. A total of 1822 votes were cast, more than triple of any previous election.

The election campaign was mild, compared to previous years. Only one "hit" or attack letter was sent out. That was sent by Jim Eade, attacking Sam Sloan. Sam Sloan pointed out that Jim Eade, Al Lawrence, Bill Goichberg, John Fernandez, Bruce Draney, George John, Stan Booz, Neil Brennen, Tom Klem, and Richard Peterson had attacked him relentously. Also, all of the other candidates, with the exception of Tim Hanke, had powerful backers, so his fifth place finish was not bad under the circumstances.

There were 161 votes for write-in candidate Steve Doyle. A total of 94 others received write-in votes.

RegionDon SchultzSam SloanTim HankeJoe WagnerBeatriz MarinelloMikel Petersen
Region I: New England614883366042
Region II: NY, NJ120911789820884
Region III: DC, DF, MD, PA, VA, WV96791148813775
Region IV: FL, GA, NC, SC1468770899775
Region V: IN, MI, OH645462487541
Region VI: MN, ND, SD, WI272236234430
Region VII: IA, IL, MO, NE473562416941
Region VIII: AL, AR, KY, LA, MS, TN554151476437
Region IX: CO, KS, UT, WY382234304823
Region X: NM, OK, TX574740414737
Region XI: AZ, CA/N, CA/S, HI, NV1119510812912369
Region XII: AK, ID, MT, OR, WA423045313228
APO Addresses323331

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