Beauty contest winner said to be daughter of Philippines President Joseph Estrada

Here is a nice scandal: In the aftermath of Lewinsky, the winner of a beauty contest last week in Caloocan, Philippines is said to be the daughter of the President of the Philippines!

The headline of the Philippine Inquirer says: " ERAP'S ROSE. Josephine Rose Ejercito, whose mother claims Rose is her daughter by President Estrada, won the Mutya ng Caloocan title Tuesday night."
President EstradaJosephine Rose Ejercito
Is President Estrada her father?

Even if true, this is unlikely to cause any stir at all in the Philippines. As Cardinal Sin once said, "A man who has three wives is a polygamist. A man who has two wives is a bigamist. A man who has only one wife is a monotonist."

NOTE: I found this story through my own ASIANEWS web page which has links to 152 newspapers in Asia, including 14 in the Philippines. Every few days I go through all these newspapers and sometimes I come up with something like this.

(I wish I could say I had a daughter in the Philippines, but in spite of repeated push in that direction, I never got one.)

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