Matt LeBlanc, a famous person who has ridden in my taxi

It was about 4:00 AM on the very early Saturday morning of April 24, 1999, a date which I will not soon forget, when I pulled into the taxi line in front of the Roxy Dance Club on 18th Street between Tenth Avenue and the West Side Highway in Manhattan. I often go to the Roxy at this hour of the morning, because there is always business there at a time when most of the rest of the city is asleep.

This time there was almost no taxi line at all. As soon as I pulled up, four guys piled in my cab and directed me to take them to Jersey City.
Left to right, Artie Miller, Ponty Giots, Matt Miller and Matt Le Blanc.
Matt Le Blanc is a TV personality who plays "Joey" on the series "Friends".

A trip to Jersey costs double the meter once we enter the Holland Tunnel, plus $4.00 extra for the tunnel toll back, plus they have to tell me where to go because I know zero about New Jersey, so if we get lost, the meter still runs double on them.

Also, New York City Taxi Regulations provide that I do not have to take a passenger to New Jersey, except that I must take them to Newark Airport, whereas I must carry any passenger to any place in New York City or to Nassau or Westchester Counties.

I gave these four passengers my standard speech about why I do not really want to go to New Jersey, but I will take them anyway provided that they pay through the nose, etc. They told me not to worry about that and just drive.

On the way over, I started giving them my standard spiel about how I have my own website and I get 40,000 hits per day. They seemed really excited about that.

The guy in the front seat who was sitting next to me as I was driving said, "There were a lot of slutty girls in the Roxy tonight. Lots of sluts."

"What do you mean", I inquired. (Inquiring minds wanted to know.)

"Those girl all had their tits hanging out. Lots of tits!", my passenger said.

"Did you get any pussy", I asked inquisitively.

"That's why I hang around this guy for. He is my friend and, if I stay next to him, I gets lots of pussy," he said, pointing to the guy who was sitting in the back seat, in the middle.

"Why him?", I asked.

"Don't you know? That's Matt Le Blanc, the famous TV Star of Friends."

I explained that I do not watch TV. I do not even have a TV. I stare into my computer all day long.

But, I added, if anybody really famous rides in my taxi, I put them on my web site, if I can find a picture.

The guy sitting next to me got really excited about this. He told me he wanted to get his own picture on the web, so he would give me a picture of himself with Matt Le Blanc.

When we got to their high rise apartment building in New Jersey, they gave me $40 (this included a generous tip) and the excited guy made me promise to wait. They all went into the building and, after a few minutes, Matt Le Blanc came down with a publicity photo of himself. "Don't give him that", his friend said. "Give him one with me in it too."

Matt Le Blanc went back up and a few minutes later came down with a picture of all four of the passengers in my taxi. The excited guy made me promise to put this picture on my web site within a few days. (But I lied. I forgot about it and put it aside until just now.)

Here comes the important part.

I drove back to the Roxy and got into the taxi line again. By this time, it was nearly 6:00 AM and the sun was starting to come up.

I saw the most incredible sight I ever remember seeing. The Roxy was closing, and the customers were streaming out the front door. What I saw I could not believe. There were girls, hundreds of them, almost completely naked and beautiful too.

These were not just any girls. These girls were tall, statuesque, extremely beautiful, blond hair, blue eyes, and just no clothing on at all, except for just a little bit to cover the bottom part and almost nothing to cover the top.

I had never seen anything like this. Not even the glory days of the Sexual Freedom League could compare with this. I have never seen so many beautiful girls with such little clothing on.

I pulled my taxi up to the front door and yelled to the attendants, "Hey! What's going on here?"

"Oh, nothing. It's just Spring Break at high school", was the reply.

So, that was it. All of these fabulously beautiful girls with approaching zero clothing on were high school girls. There were six to eight chartered busses which had pulled up in front of the Roxy. As these girls came streaming out of the club, they did not get into my taxi. They got into the chartered busses, which were taking them back to New Jersey.

The passengers I actually got were not beautiful or young, but they were girls and wanted me to take them to College Point in Queens. By the time I made it back to Manhattan, the Roxy was completely closed. The door was sealed shut.

Here is the picture of Matt Le Blanc and his friends (his real friends, not his TV Friends). They are, left to right, Artie Miller, Ponty Giots, Matt Miller and Matt Le Blanc.

On the back of my photo is also written "Charalam Bus". I believe that is the name of the bus company that was taking all these beautiful girls back to New Jersey.

Sam Sloan

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