Test of Street Names in New York City

New York City streets often have more than one name or else change the name. For example, Sixth Avenue is also known as "Avenue of the Americas" and Seventh Avenue is also known as "Fashion Avenue".

To drive successfully in New York City, one needs to know the name changes. Here is a quiz based on matching the numbers of streets and avenues with names for those streets and avenues. In most of these cases, the name changes. For example, Second Avenue becomes Chrystie Street south of Houston. Match the numbers on the right with the letters on the left. Each question has only one answer. The answers are at the bottom of: http://www.anusha.com/taxitest.htm .

1) Allen Street
2) Amsterdam Avenue
3) Bond Street
4) Bowery
5) Cathedral Parkway
6) Central Park South
7) Central Park West
8) Chrystie Street
9) Church Street
10) Clinton Street
11) Columbia Street
12) Columbus Avenue
13) Essex Street
14) Great Jones Street
15) Kenmare Street
16) La Guardia Place
17) Lafayette Street
18) Pitt Street
19) Varick Street
20) West End Avenue

a) First Avenue
b) Second Avenue
c) Second Street
d) Third Avenue
e) Third Street
f) Sixth Avenue
g) Seventh Avenue
h) Eighth Avenue
i) Ninth Avenue
j) Tenth Avenue
k) Eleventh Avenue
l) 59 th Street
m) 110 th Street
n) Avenue A
o) Avenue B
p) Avenue C
q) Avenue D
r) Centre Street
s) Delancy Street
t) West Broadway

The following is the answer key to the Taxi Drivers Test posted at http://www.anusha.com/taxitest.htm :

Answers: (1) a (2) b (3) a (4) c (5) a (6) e (7) c (8) e (9) c (10) e (11) c (12) c (13) b (14) d (15) e (16) b (17) b (18) d (19) e (20) c (21) d (22) e (23) d (24) a (25) c

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