La Guardia International Airport to be renamed Giuliani International Airport

New York's Mayor Giuliani has voiced no objection to the proposal that La Guardia International Airport be renamed Giuliani International Airport, in recognition of the mayor’s many good works of putting all the criminals in jail, ridding the streets of taxi drivers, hot dog venders and peep show operators, and taking measures to prevent undesirable fringe groups from marching and demonstrating.
Mayor Rudi Giuliani

La Guardia International Airport was named after New York’s most beloved mayor, Fiorello La Guardia, and thus it seems appropriate that the mantle should now pass to Mayor Rudi Giuliani.

Dissenting voices have suggested that instead John F. Kennedy International Airport should be renamed Rudi Giuliani International Airport, because the revelations that JFK committed adultery with Judith Campbell Exner while he was president make it unsuitable that Kennedy’s name should remain on the airport.

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