Mike Goodall Teaches Chess

Mike Goodall, a Long Time Chess Expert and member of the Qualifications Committee of the United States Chess Federation, has embarked on a campaign to expose most chess teachers as frauds. With the increasing popularity of chess especially among scholastic players, a serious problem has arisen of people who really do not play chess themselves teaching others how not to play chess.

Mike Goodall wrote: "Most chess teachers are frauds who don't want to be exposed."
Mike Goodall Teaches Chess
Mike Goodall Teaches Chess

"I know several veteran chess teachers who are 1400 at best. Why can't a 1400 teach an 800? For the same reason an 8th grader can't teach a 1st grader. I know some "teachers" stay just a chapter ahead of their students, but they're doing their students a disservice. If these kids ever really want to learn chess they'll have to "unlearn" what they got from the 1400. There's a reason why they're 1400-they don't understand the subject matter. I used to be an expert-now I'm an A-and I've never presumed to teach anybody above absolute beginner. There should be some standards, but there aren't. Anyone who learned the moves yesterday can set themselves up as a "chess teacher"."

Mike Goodall

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