Pregnant woman who fought judge over abortion will have baby

CLEVELAND (AP) -- A forger who wanted a judge to release her from jail so she could end her pregnancy will now carry her baby to term because she was imprisoned too long to get an abortion.

"I resent the fact that a judge put me in this situation," Yuriko Kawaguchi said Thursday.

Kawaguchi, 21, a Japanese citizen and a resident alien in the United States, again accused Judge Patricia Cleary of having kept her in custody to prevent her from having an abortion.

Yuriko Kawaguchi in her jail cell

Kawaguchi, who took part in a credit card scam, was released Tuesday after spending 4 1/2 months behind bars.

Kawaguchi, now 22 to 24 weeks into her pregnancy. Abortion is allowed after 22 weeks in Ohio only if the fetus is not viable or there is a serious threat to the mother's health.

Kawaguchi, who had one abortion previously, said she would have undergone the procedure this time if she could have done it legally. Now that she will give birth, Kawaguchi said she will keep the child and do her best to care for it.

She is appealing her sentence and must stay in Ohio under the terms of her bond. A student at the University of California, Berkeley before her arrest, Kawaguchi said she would like to return to California as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Yuriko Kawaguchi has filed a suit against the judge - Judge Shrugs Off Forced Birth Lawsuit - Complaint seeks to make judge pay cost of child she 'saved' from abortion.

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