All Unmarried Japanese Girls are Virgins

by Fukuyama Hiroaki

How to Talk Dirty in Japanese

How to Talk Dirty
in Japanese
and English
by Eli Eshoh
Hiroaki Fukuyama

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With regard to recent postings about the sexual promiscuity of young Japanese ladies, I find it quite shocking. It seems to be the second part of an orchestrated racist campaign of Japan-bashing to tarnish the reputation of Japanese girls. The first part was the labeling of these shy damsels as "Yellow Cabs". It is quite beyond me how such writings get into these newsgroups. I am the Japanese father of three girls who range in age from 19 to 24. My daughters have many girl friends their age and they often come to our home to visit. I have known some of them since they were children and they are all proper young ladies, as are my daughters, and I have no doubt that they are all virgins and will be until they find the right Japanese man and get married. Japanese girls are brought up to be polite and not to hurt other people's feelings. Consequently, they tend to not to disagree. This might lead some types of foreign men to feel that they are making progress in their quest for sexual gratification and start to fantasize about its consummation. Then when they meet their friends to talk about their non-existent exploits, fantasy becomes reality. I would like to assure readers of this newsgroup that unmarried Japanese girls are all virgins, and none of them have AIDS, unless they are hemophiliacs and got it through tainted blood products imported from the United States. I hope that this ends, once and for all, this disgusting exchange.

Regarding the rape of the 12-year-old Okinawan child, I have been called upon to voice my opinion about the 12-year-old girl who was raped by three Afro-American savages. This was truly a great tragedy for the poor girl. Now she will never be able to get married and live a happy life. She is forever tainted in the eyes of Japanese society and no respectable Japanese man will have anything to do with her. Those three savages got off easy. They will only have to spend about 8 years in prison and perhaps get time off for good behavior. They should have been given the minimum of life in prison without parole, but the death sentence by hanging would have been preferable. However, I have heard a rumor that certain gangster elements here in Japan will put out an international contract on them when they get out of jail and rid the world of them.

From the postings I read on the newsgroups, there seems to be an attitude that Americans can come to Japan and do what they like to our women. All our women are supposed to be available for one-night stands and there is never any mention of developing a meaningful relationship with them. Roppongi is crawling with the vermin of the US military. It is time that America pack up and leave our islands. We never needed you here in the first place. It all started back in 1853 when Admiral Perry and his black ships landed in Japan. Japan had no choice but to become a colonist power so that they could compete with the West. If we didn't, Perry and President Fillmore had agreed that they would annex Okinawa and use it as a base for an invasion of Japan. Now Japan is unfairly labeled as being a militaristic nation. But before Perry arrived on our shores we had a golden age with 250 years of peace during which time Europeans were slaughtering each other and the Europeans who had invaded America were slaughtering the Indians and enslaving Africans. The racists of America would have done the same to us if we hadn't taken measures to defend ourselves. And the racists Christians of Europe were the vanguard of the European enslavers, who were kidnapping Japanese at the end of the 16th century and selling them as slaves. This is when Toyotomi Hideyoshi lowered the boom on the Christians and banished them from Japan. And to prove that he was serious, he crucified 26 of them in Nagasaki on February 5, 1597. By this act Hideyoshi became the savior of Japan. How many of you white Christians know that in 1581, the chief Jesuit missionary to Japan, Father Organtin, presented an African to the great warlord Oda Nobunaga as a slave, offering to supply him with many others should it please his fancy. Nobunaga was repulsed by the offer and refused it. There is no doubt that the Judeo-Islamic-Christian religion is the scourge of the earth.

And, yes, it is true that America started the Pacific War with Japan. Roosevelt had brought the entire US naval fleet to Honolulu. What would any Japanese general think when he saw that? Clearly, America must be planning to launch an attack upon Japan. And if that attack could be pre-empted by wiping out that fleet, it would make good military sense to do that. Any military man who would not do such a thing would be derelict in his duties. In its war with America, Japan attacked only military targets, but it was the allies who thought it might be a good idea to attack the civilian population of Japan (and in Germany, too), heartlessly incinerating millions of innocent women and children. (Thank you, General Curtis LeMay, General MacArthur, and President Truman. May you and your underlings fry in hell for all eternity.)

It is time that America and Americans leave Japan. You are more than a burden to us. You pollute our culture. You send your GIs and low-class civilians soil our women, and you have the audacity to brag about it over the Internet and advertise where these women can be found.* You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Fukuyama Hiroaki
Saitama Prefecture, Japan

*Note: I investigated the places in Shinjuku and Roppongi where it was said that you could find Japanese women for sex. Well, as it turns out these women are not Japanese. By speaking to them I discovered that they are mostly from Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea, China, and Thailand. Most of them are here illegally and they work as prostitutes to earn a living because they are unable to find other work.

**Note 2: I would like to thank Mr. Sloan for giving me the opportunity to address this newsgroup.

Here is a photo of Mr. Fukuyama and his three virgin daughters: Mr. Fukuyama and his Three Virgin Daughters .

Not everybody agrees with the views expressed by Mr. Fukuyama. For a somewhat contrary view of the virtue of Japanese womanhood, see the screenplay: Hard Times in Tokyo, Japan .

Here is a photo of a Japanese girl who is not a virgin: A girl who looks like a virgin, but is not (but is she perhaps married?) .

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