Helen Warren Ascends to Power

As Helen Warren ascends to absolute power and rule in the United States Chess Federation, one of her strongest supporters listens as she outlines the sweeping changes she has in store for the Federation.
A Helen Warren supporter
Helen Warren supporter listens to the debates

Changes Helen Warren wants to make in the USCF

With Helen Warren closing in on her long-standing dream of becoming USCF President, it would be nice of she would inform the membership of the organization which she is about to lead of what she actually favors. Here are changes which Helen Warren is known to favor:

Helen Warren says that the USCF Books and Equipment business loses money and should be closed down and the staff fired.

Detractors say that Helen Warren is in the books and equipment business herself and she wants to close down a competitor. Also, if the books and equipment business is closed down, the staff fired and the inventory sold, it will be almost impossible for the books and equipment business to be stated again, and this business produced $3.4 million in revenues for the USCF last year.

Helen Warren is opposed to having a US Woman's Championship at all, on the grounds that it is demeaning and insulting to women.

Helen Warren was one of only two Executive Board members who voted against the deal where the Seirawan Group in Seattle was allowed to run the US Championship later this year.

Helen Warren wants to stop the publication of School Mates magazine altogether. She has already voted to reduce the number of issues per year from six to four.

Helen Warren wants to greatly reduce the number of pages in Chess Life, to move the collumnist to the Internet and to pay them less money.

Helen Warren has long been opposed to anything involving Bill Goichberg, who is the biggest chess organizer in America.

Helen Warren apparently favored the Tim Redman proposal to bring back fiddle points, although this was probably as a result of her political alliance with Redman rather than any strong opinion on this issue.

Helen Warren is the hardest of the hard core opponents of democracy and OMOV, or One Member One Vote.

It would be nice if Helen Warren would address these issues at the USCF meetings currently taking place in St. Paul, Minnesota, but do not expect her to say anything until she takes power as expected on Monday.

Sam Sloan

UPDATE: Helen Warren has failed in her bid to become USCF President, but her political ally, Tim Redman, was elected instead.

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