Letter from the Indus River??

From: Indusriv ( Indusriv@aol.com )
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 20:57:54 EST
To: Sloan@IshiPress.Com
Cc: WCasey@CIA.Com
Subject: Please Return Ismail
Organization: AOL (http://www.aol.com)
X-Rcpt-To: sloan@ishipress.com

I am a prominent Smuggler based in Peshawar Pakistan. Ahmed Shah Masoud could tell you that I am quite famous in both Dir and Kohistan where I smuggle numerous things to Peshawar and then abroad. Mostly through Nigerian networks, of which I am sure you are aware. They seem to know both you and your Home Page.

I am also President of the Pasthunistan Heaven's Gate Chapter and wonder why you have not put your adventures of being abducted by Alien's while in Kabul on your page yet. Wasn't that not how you met Honzagool and Honzagool's family? I am sure that this story would fascinate your readers. The world should discover, as you did Ismail, that the Kafir Kalash are not descendants of Sukunder, but are in fact aliens and the gateway of events to come.

Princess Diana is alive and well and is being hidden by the Taliban in Herat where she has become a devout Muslim. As you know her boyfriend was Egyptian. I'm sure that you know that the Egyptian's had close ties with the Afghan Mujahadeen and supplied them with a lot of Soviet small arms. Now just who do you think ran this enterprise? The connection with Harrod's of London is obvious! A lot of people probably thought she was just getting a lot of free clothes. In fact, this relationship began in her second year of marriage as Princess of Wales. This was accomplished with financial assistance from Casey and the Saudi's. In this manner Diana is safe as now her boyfriend is not fornicating with an infidel. She is also safe from Charles who thinks he bumped her off.

Casey is not dead either, but alive in well in a refugee camp in Iran near Baluchistan. He is living extremely well from his illicit profits in sponsoring the Afghan Resistance. Casey became very rich by trading arms for opiate products and using the CIA pipeline to distribute these products to Europe and North America. Mr. Casey has since retired after allowing Oliver North to take the fall for him. The CIA disavows all knowledge of this. Please keep it a secret. By the way I liked that picture at the end of your Home Page!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ismail, we are awaiting your return so when are you going to come. It has been many years LaLa (Big Brother) in Pashto. We need to prepare for the millennium and the events that will happen. With your leadership the tribes will finally unite and destroy the infidel. Your insight is what will save us.

Please do not try to reply for I have to delete this ID. I have to do this so the CIA run by that country bumpkin Billy Clinton cannot trace me. I estimate that with their resources on the Internet it is only safe to send you an hour's communication before they can locate me.

Inshallah.................I will write you soon.

Allah O Akbar.

Your Faithful Servant,

Mohammed Afridi Khan of Khoistan

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