Marriage Proposal ?!?

From: Larkhi4u ( )
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 02:30:36 EST
Subject: Marriage
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Dear Ismail,

My name is Billie Sunni Larkhi. Do you know what my name means? I have been an orphan since I am six years old. I work as a clerk for a bank in the city. The bank will close soon and I will not have a job. I go to University each morning after morning prayer and work at my job in the afternoons. Since I am orphaned I have been cared for by Seventh-Day Adventists who are good people; but, alas, they are not Muslim and therefore, are lost.

I am very interested in what you have written on your Web page. I am interested in coming to America and become a good Muslim wife. I am fifteen years old and will be ready to marry next year. I would like to help you to find your daughter Shamema in America and take her back from the white devils that took her. Please write me on your Web page. I cannot leave an address as I only can write on the Computer at University. The students are not allowed to create permanent addresses on school property. I go to Peshawar.

I am told I am quite beautiful when I am not wearing my burka. I would send you a picture but I don't know where the scanner is and don't know how to use one.

Please write to me on your Web page. I love your picture. Your picture is very handsome. How old are you? Are you very old? Are you 49? 59? That is the age of husband I would like. I could be a very good Muslim wife for such a man!

I hope I see your next letter tomorrow at University. Good night.


Billie Larkhi

ps: I love your music!
pps: I forgot to ask if you have alot of money, please.
ppps: Do you know where I could send for some Calvin Klein jeans? How much do they cost? $200 US dollars?

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