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Here is what the New York Times has to say about this: Christianity in Japan.

Aomori, where Jesus Lived in Japan

In Northern Japan, there is a village with a very strange legacy: the inhabitants adamantly claim that 2,000 years ago, after Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected, He came to live in their village, known as Herai. There He lived and worked, cared for the sick and poor, married a Japanese woman with whom He had three children, died at the age of 111, and was buried in Herai. His grave and that of his mother, St. Mary, are still in existence and well maintained. In fact, the site of these graves is the focal point of a pilgrimage made each year on June 6 by the faithful of a sect that believes this story as the gospel. Moreover, they believe that Herai will become the staging area for the Rapture and the Last Judgment. However, the members of this cult, who claim a special relationship to Jesus, say they have no knowledge as to when these tumultuous events will occur.

According to a scroll written in classical Japanese which hangs on the wall, His journey to Japan was as follows:

Jesus lived in Egypt until he was 21 years old. He then went to Nazareth. He stayed there for a time, but the people rejected his teachings. He then traveled to what is now Aleppo, in Syria. From Aleppo, he went to Mount Ararat, where Noah landed his arc. From Ararat, Jesus crossed to what is now Tabriz, in Persia. From Tabriz he traveled to what is now Tehran and from Tehran he went to Khorasan and Mashed. From Mashed, Jesus descended to Herat. From Herat, Jesus crossed central Afghanistan, passing through Bamyan, and arriving at Kabul. In Kabul, Jesus descended to Jalalabad, reaching the Kunar River. Jesus ascended the Kunar River, taking the right branch, arriving at Chitral. From Chitral, Jesus ascended to the Broghol Pass. Through the Broghol Pass, Jesus, guided by Kirgiz tribesmen, entered the Wakhan and climbed to the Little Pamir. From Little Pamir, Jesus crossed to Big Pamir, known as "The Roof of the World" and from there descended into Yarkhand and traveled to Kashgar. From Kashgar, Jesus went to Turpan. From Turpan, Jesus went to Landchow. From Landchow, Jesus traveled to Xian and from there to Harbin. From Harbin, Jesus reached the area that is now Vladivostok in Siberia. From Vladivostok, Jesus crossed by boat, where he reached Aomori Prefecture in Japan.

This entire journey took four years.

My first reaction to this was skepticism, but there were a few things which puzzled me. One was that the name of the village, Herai, was supposed to be a shortened form of the word "Heburai'', which means Hebrew in Japanese.

Another interesting point was that the only artifact on display claimed to be a possession of Jesus was a piece of wood with a star engraved on it. The members of this cult believe it to be the true Star of David, but in reality it is the five-point star, known as the Pentacle of Satan, just as we find on the flags of America, China, the former Soviet Union, and many other great countries.

The last point, and this is what most intrigued me, was that one of the rituals in which all members of this cult partake during these pilgrimages is to be anointed with a black mark on their foreheads. This immediately brought to mind Revelation 18:13.

I decided that I would investigate this cult more closely and felt that the course of action that would yield the best result would be to engage in a bit of clandestine archeology.

On the night of April 18, 1993, I and my colleague, Bishop Donald B. Orsden, went to the grave of Jesus and Mary and began to dig. After digging for 37 minutes we came upon a wooden casket. On opening it we found nine clay tablets with engravings in Aramaic. We gathered them up, then excavated the grave of St. Mary where we found another casket containing nine more tablets. We then ineptly tried to restore the graves to the condition they were in before we started our dig, and fled to my home where we could carefully examine our find.

The writings on the 18 tablets were eventually translated by the biblical scholar and poet Dr. Yeben T. Boga. We intend to publish them in the near future as "The Gospels of St. Mary". However, there were three passages there which are pertinent to this discussion, and I would like to present them to you in translation. They are as follows:

Three times 666 passeth,
Thousandfold on nations,
Cometh fear and sudden death.
Everywhere are lamentations,
Sorrows from which none are comforteth.
Day by day their woes increase,
Mine alone are blest with peace.
For it is through numbers that God will prove his presence and identify those who defy Him.
And the Righteous shall spurn the coins that are foisted upon them.

This reference to coins gave me a start. For just like in the Roman Empire during the time of Jesus, the six different kinds of coins used in Japan add up to 666.

500 + 100 + 50 + 10 + 5 + 1 = 666

On April 1, 1992, Yeben T. Boga had a visitation from our Savior, Jesus Christ. He gave him a message of great importance for everyone in the world: the location of His Gospels written nearly two thousand years ago. These scriptures describe the Rapture, beginning in the year 1998 (Revelation 18:23) and the final battle with the devil that will end in the Armageddon. They also reveal what you must do for your soul to survive and join the spirit of God and Jesus where you will live for all eternity.

Jesus also instructed him to establish ISHI, the International Society to Help the Innocent. Jesus wants this society to gather together the wealth of true Christians everywhere and to redistribute it to the poor, sick and starving people of the world, and to prepare for the battle with the devil. The time has come for believers to come forward and give witness to their faith. There is no longer any middle ground: you are either on the side of Jesus or on the side of the devil.

What are we to conclude from this? Since it is a well-known fact that the entire history of the world is embedded in the decimal expansion of "pi", the only conclusion we can reach is that the world order as we know it will be turned upside down in those years. Moreover, it may turn out that those years represented by zeros, namely 1998 and 1999 will for all intents and purposes will probably not exist. These will be those terrible years of tribulation that will face those who are not taken up in the Rapture.

Japan is the country of the Beast! It is alive today, living in Japan. Add up the coins used in Japan!

Today, Japanese money is the strongest in the world. By 1998, the Japanese will control all global trade and commerce. Without Japanese money you will not be able to buy a crumb of bread nor a grain of rice.

Not only does 666 reveal the country and the name of the Beast, it also tells us the time of the Second Coming. Behold!

These are only two of the infinite ways that 666 appears in 1998. Do not doubt! Do not scoff! Do not be misguided by the Beast! Look again!

666 x 666 x 666 x 666 x 666 x 666 x 666 = 6667 = 58,119,196,856,185,328,256


58 + 119 + 196 + 856 + 185 + 328 + 256 = 1998

You cannot escape. Numbers do not lie! The entire universe obeys the laws of numbers! For it is through numbers that God will prove his presence and identify those who defy Him.

Bishop Orsden

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