Driving My Taxi on June 17, 2000

I picked up my taxi at the garage at 4:26 AM on Saturday, June 17. By 5:30 AM, I arrived at the street corner in question. The sun was already up. To my astonishment, I found about 100 girls within a one block radius. I have not seen anything like this in NYC since the 1970s.

I am trying to think of possible reasons why there are suddenly so many hookers on the streets of New York City. Until a few weeks ago, I had been driving a taxi on the streets of New York City since 1997 and had not seen even one. Now, I saw one hundred.

Possible reasons/explanations are:

1. They have been there all along. I simply did not know the time and the place where to find them.

2. In his dying throes, Our Beloved Fascist Dictator has become kinder, gentler and has decided to make peace with his god, assuming that he has one.

3. It is Summer now. June is busting out all over and the girls can stand on the street virtually naked without freezing to death (even hookers have feelings).

I drove around the block looking for the same hooker who had started me on this quest when I picker her up in my taxi on May 27, 2000 (See "Call Me Ismail").

I spotted a girl who looked similar, although not exactly the same, so I decided to get out of my cab and ask her.

She was tall. In her high heels, she was as tall a me, 5 feet 11 inches. She had blond hair (probably dyed).

I asked her if she was the girl I had picked up in my taxi two weeks ago. She said no, she had been in jail then.

I corrected myself, saying that it had been three weeks ago.

She said that she had been in jail then, too. In fact, she had just gotten out of jail on Friday (the previous day).

I asked her how long she had been in jail. She said that she had been in jail for 30 days.

I asked for her telephone number. She at first said that she does not usually give her number to guys she has not dated first. Finally, she gave me the number.

Just then, a van obviously driven by a member of the organization she works for, came around. She hailed the van, called it over, ran over, spoke to the driver and got in and took off.

What impressed me about her was she seemed to be an extremely nice, personable young woman, typically average. She was beautiful. She did not appear to be whacked out on drugs or anything. She appeared to be just your typical high school girl from your local high school. The only thing which showed that she was a hooker was that she was wearing bikini briefs and was standing on a Manhattan street corner with her tits hanging out for all to see at 5:30 AM.

Anyway, I have her name and number (assuming that she gave me the right telephone number), so my next scheme would be to try to get her to agree to a live taped interview. It would be a sensational interview. She is beautiful and has a nice personality. I can think of all kinds of questions I could ask her, such as, how did she get into this line of work, how many men has she had (must be thousands) and how does she feel about AIDS (I assume she must be HIV positive or will be soon).

Sam Sloan

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