Did Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore Really Ride in My Taxi?

On November 1, 1997, the night after Halloween, two beautiful young women got into my taxi at Second Avenue and 77th Street in New York City. They told me to take them to a party at Broome Street and West Broadway, which was being held for their benefit, which I did.

One girl said that her name was Kate Moss of Calvin Klein. The other said that her name was Drew Barrymore.

I recognized Drew Barrymore as the famous star of the movie E.T., plus numerous movies since. I had never heard of Kate Moss before, but it turns out that she is as famous as Drew Barrymore.

The fare was $8.50. They gave me $10.00, for a tip of $1.50.

I still have the receipt. It is receipt number 4895, medallion number 9P68, and shows that I picked her up at 8:11 PM on NOV-01-97, drove her 3.40 miles, and left her off at 8:27 PM. The fare was $8.00 with a $0.50 night surcharge for a total fare of $8.50.

I really wonder if the two girls in my cab were really those famous persons. I have looked at the photos of Kate Moss on the Internet, and I must agree that the girl in my cab really did look like the famous model, Kate Moss. I am much less certain that the other girl really was Drew Barrymore, however.

One way to find out would be to see if those famous persons really attended a benefit party at Broome Street and West Broadway on November 1, 1997. I believe that they were going to a nightspot called Chaos, which is located at 23 Watts Street.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Meanwhile, here are published photos of these two famous girls.

Contrary to my usual procedure, I did not try to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade the gene pool.

Sam Sloan

UPDATE: Kate Moss has written me a letter and has confirmed that it really was her in my taxi. She also made a reference about that taxi ride which only she and I and the other passenger could have remembered.

FURTHER UPDATE: Kate Moss has checked into rehab after too much partying.

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