Character Problems with John Kerry

I keep on seeing letters and articles by those principally in Europe who say that by re-electing George W. Bush Americans have endorsed Gestapo tactics and loss of civil liberties and so on.

However, those that write such letters fail to address the character flaws in John Kerry.

I campaigned harder for George W. Bush for president than anybody I know, yet I hate Bush just as much as they do, possibly more.

My point was that Kerry was vastly worse than Bush. Kerry was a complete fake, a fraud, a charlatan.

For example, Kerry's big claim that when he was the commander of a boat, a Viet Cong fired at him. In response Kerry jumped off the boat, chased the guy into the jungle, shot him in the back and killed him.

Think about this story: Who were the witnesses? Who saw Kerry shoot the Viet Cong? Who determined that the Viet Cong was really dead? Why did Kerry jump off the boat? What is a naval officer doing jumping off a boat and chasing somebody into the jungle?

Later, another Navy man who was on the same boat with Kerry says that the story is untrue and Kerry was not even the commander of the boat, nor could he have been as this was his first mission and officers on their first mission are not commanders.

Makes sense to me.

Then, we find out that the citation Kerry received for this was issued by Admiral Zumwalt when Kerry was already in the US Senate and had political influence. Also, Admiral Zumwalt did not write that Kerry killed the Viet Cong, only that he chased him into the jungle.

This is only one example. All of Kerry's stories were flawed. Not a single one of Kerry's war stories was completely verifiable.

And by the way, why does chasing a Viet Cong into the jungle and shooting him in the back qualify a man to become President of the United States?

If it were just a problem of Kerry vs. The Swiftboaters, I would agree that they were out to get him.

However, there were too many problems with Kerry's stories.

Another example: How many watched the Democratic National Convention on TV? If you did, you will remember a video created substantially from home movies made by Kerry himself which extolled his virtues as a war hero.

It seems that video has disappeared. Does anybody know anybody who recorded it? I am ready to buy it, if anybody has a copy.

I am told that a lot of the claims made in that video were proven false and therefore it was pulled and has not seen the light of day since.

You would think that the Democrats would have been playing it over and over again throughout the election campaign.

Sam Sloan

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