Love Letter from Monica Lewinsky to Bill Clinton

A letter from Monica S. Lewinsky to President Clinton, dated June 29, 1997, which was part of the evidence gathered by Kenneth W. Starr.
Love Letter from Monica Lewinsky to Bill Clinton

29 June 1997
Dear Handsome,
I really need to discuss my situation with you. We have not had any contact for over five weeks. You leave on Sat. and I leave for Madrid with the SecDef on Monday returning the 14th of July. I am then heading out to Los Angeles for a few days. If I do not speak to you before I leave, when I return it will have been two months since we last spoke. Please do not do this. I feel disposable, used and insignificant. I understand your hands are tied but I want to talk to you and look at some options. I am begging you one last time to please let me visit briefly Tuesday evening. I will call Betty Tuesday afternoon to see if it is o.k. - M
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