Kosovo and Yugoslavia

I am happy to hear from you. I want to comment on the political situation over there.

Every time we turn on the TV over here, we see tens of thousands of people huddled at the borders trying to get out of Kosovo, freezing babies and old people dying of exposure. These people have been forced from their homes at gun point by the Serbian Army and Serbian police and put onto trains for the border.

According to the news over here, more than 600,000 people have been forced from their homes in just the past few days. These people will sit at the border until they die or are allowed to return to their homes in Kosovo, simply because there are too many of them and no countries can take them all.

I can tell you that until these people are allowed to return their homes, the bombing of Belgrade will never stop. I am not expressing a political view as to who is right or wrong. I am telling you the reality. If the Serbian Army does not withdraw from Kosovo, the bombing will never stop. If all the bridges and power stations and telephone and communications facilities in Yugoslavia are destroyed and the Serbian Army is still in Kosovo, the United States Army will eventually invade with ground troops and fight house to house in Belgrade until the Serbian Army is destroyed and Milosevic is killed.

This is going to happen, absolutely. I do not know what the news is telling you over there in Yugoslavia but it must not be showing you the pictures we are seeing over here because then you would understand the reality of the situation.

Thank you for your support in my chess election campaign.

Sam Sloan

At 08:51 AM 4/6/99 +0200, you wrote:

Dear Sam,

I enjoy very much your articles, although rain of the bombs and missiles is falling down on my town. If you remember me, and our chats in Abu Dhabi, I didn't change. I am still optimistic. So, this match with NATO murderers and saxophone player, we going to win, for sure.

PS. I couldn't send yesterday the line was broken. So, I have to send today, April, 6 when Hitler's air forces 58 years ago, the first time bombed Belgrade without announce the war. Old fashion. New Nazi-NATO and new Hitler bombed Belgrade already two weeks. Also without announce, and permission of UN.

Take care, Sam.
Best regards

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