Albert Dedicke has succeeded in having Sam Sloan kicked off the ballot

I called the New York Board of Elections today, at 4:59 PM, because today was the last day for Albert Dedicke to file Specific Objections to my presence on the ballot.

The board of elections informed me that I have in fact been kicked off the ballot.

I did not ask them whether Albert Dedicke had filed his Specific Objections or not. In either case, it is clear that because of the General Objections which he filed last week, I have been kicked off the ballot. Had he not filed General Objections, I would be on the ballot.

I think that Albert Dedicke should resign or be removed from his position as Chairman of the State Committee. It is clear that he filed his objections on State Libertarian Party letterhead without receiving authorization of the State Committee to do so, and without even discussing it with members of the State Committee.

More than that, Albert Dedicke did not notify the Queens Libertarian Party that he was filing General Objections. Nobody in the Queens Party knew that he was going to do this. Under the by-laws of the Libertarian Party, the Queens Party had sole and exclusive jurisdiction over in this matter and the State Party and the Chairman of the New York State Committee had no right to interfere.

I spent a great deal of time and money to get on the ballot. I think that the matter of financial reparations should be brought up, since Albert Dedicke has caused great financial damage to me and to the Libertarian Party as a whole by his inappropriate and indeed illegal acts.

Sam Sloan

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