Original Drawings of Your Girlfriend or of Playboy Models.

I am offering several different options for the artwork customers.

You drawn with your girlfriend

or nude super model from a photo.

I will make a drawing of my customer from a photograph.

If you wish, I will place them along side a PlayBoy model in the drawing.

To get this done, you must mail or email me a photo of yourself.

Nothing that is distasteful will be accepted.

Then along with it a drawing of a Naked model.

All the poses will be standing up.

Option number two:

I will make a drawing for you of any model that you send me a picture of.

Price List:

All payments made through www.paypal.com are guaranteed delivery or your money back.

my seller email there is keno18nyc@aol.com

Shipping for any item is $7. All drawings will be shipped in a mailing tube so there will be no water damage, or wrinkling.

The seven dollars shipping is for $1.50 for the mailing tube, $5.50 postage

I do not offer the option of shipping insurance. Delivery trackin number is an extra $2.50 in addition to the first $7 for shipping.

Different Drawing Sizes

Option number one 11 X 14 inch drawing black and white ( all drawings are black and white).

The Fee is $40 for the drawing.

Any larger sizes are more expensive. The drawings will be made on quality acid free artists drawing paper.

I also make color Oil paintings on canvas. If you are interested you must contact me at keno18nyc@aol.com


Kylie Bax

Playboy Centerfold



Here are some drawings I made of Elvis Presley, based on famous scenes from his movies. These drawings are for sale. Price on request. If you are a woman, I will draw your picture of you being hugged or kissed by Elvis.

Elvis Presley in Paradise Hawaiian Style
Elvis Presley with Nancy Sinatra
Elvis Presley in Shower
Elvis Presley in Tickle Me
Walter Matthau with Elvis Presley in King Creole
Nancy Sinatra with Elvis Presley

Peter also uses his artistic talents to create websites and display ads. Rates are available upon request. Here are some samples of his art work: