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My daughter Jessica, aged 11, knows everything about Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Uranus and so on. As a concerned parent, I am trying to find out how she knows this and where she got her information from.

These are Japanese creations. Sailor Moon has blond hair, blue eyes, wears white, has wings and can fly. Sailor Mercury wears a blue fuku. This is about all I know.

As I compile more information, I will add to this page. Please write me and tell me what you know. Meanwhile, here are some Sailor Moon links.
Sailor Moon

There are five main Sailor Scouts. These are Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter. They all have big eyes and look somewhat alike. Here is how to tell them apart:

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus both have blond hair. However, their hair style is different. Sailor Moon has two knots at the top. Sailor Venus wears a red ribbon in her hair.

Sailor Mercury has light blue hair and the clothing she wears is always light blue. Sailor Mercury has black or dark blue hair and she always wears red or black. Sailor Jupiter has red hair and she always wears green.

Sailor Moon is a 14-year-old girl in junior high school in Japan, who has acquired the power to transform herself into a fighter. Her favorite colors are pink and white. Her hobbies are eating and sleeping. Her real name is Tsukino Usagi.

Due to her daring exploits, there is a Sailor Moon manga, a Sailor Venus manga, five TV series, three movies, several video games, and lots of merchandise. Her story is written by Takeuchi Naoko and it is running in the monthly magazine Nakayoshi.

Sailor Mercury is in Juuban Junior High School in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Her favorite subject in school is mathematics. Someone said that her IQ is 300. Her favorite color is light blue. She likes reading and playing chess. Her favorite sport is swimming. As Sailor Mercury, she uses a mini-supercomputer to find out information about the enemy. She lives with her mother, who is a doctor. Her real name is Mizuno Ami.

Sailor Venus is in Shibakouen Junior High School in Minato-ku. She used to be on the volleyball team before she went to England. Her favorite colors are red and yellow. Her hobby is just wasting time. She currently lives with her family (father and mother). Her real name is Aino Minako.

Sailor Mars is 14 and is in junior high in T*A Private Girls' School. She considered a "queen" at school and the other students are happy to wait on her. Her favorite foods are fugu (puffer fish) and Thai food. Her favorite colors are red and black. Her future dream is to be a singer/song writer, a model, a wonderful seiyuu, and a wife. (A wife!! Imagine that!) Her real name is Hino Rei.

Sailor Jupiter is 14 and a student in Juuban Junior High School in Minato-ku. Her favorite color is sugar pink. Her hobby is cooking. She currently lives alone!! Her real name is Kino Makoto, but everyone calls her Mako.

Sailor Saturn is only 12 years old and is the youngest of the Sailor Scouts. She has a weak body, but has a strange power that she can use for healing injuries. She does not have any friends. Her favorite subject is world history and her dream is to become a nurse. Her favorite color is purple. Her real name is Tomoe Hotaru.

Sailor Uranus is a high school student (not in junior high). Her favorite color is gold. Her personality is boyish and she likes to dress in boyish clothes. She doesn't wear skirts and she also uses boyish language when talking. Before finding out that she was a girl, Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus thought that she was a boy. Sailor Venus even said, "This person is the ideal man." Her real name is Ten'ou Haruka.

Sailor Neptune is in high school. Her favorite color is marine blue. Her real name is Kaiou Michiru.

Sailor Pluto is mysterious. Not much is known about her, except that she is the guardian of the passage that allows one to travel through time. Her identity on Earth is Meiou Setsuna.

There is also Sailor Chibi Moon, who is a small, smiling and mischievous child.

This is only the beginning. As the story goes on, the Sailor Scouts get older and younger and pass back and forth through time, meeting villains and perhaps even previous or former versions of themselves. The story continues.

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