Sheldon Silver, a creep, a fraud, and a Member of the New York State Assembly

Ever wonder why you cannot find an affordable apartment in New York City? Sheldon Silver is your man. Ever wonder why the New York City Subways are overcrowded, dirty and disgusting? Ask Sheldon Silver.

Who is this slimy creep whose picture is on the right? This disgusting excuse for a human being is the man who forces the city to continue with a system which almost nobody wants and which enables a few fat cats to stay rich, while the rest of us residents of this city must suffer.
Sheldon Silver

The name for the disgusting system which this slimy creep enforces is called RENT CONTROL.

It does not bother me so much that rent control benefits a relative handful of extremely wealthy people who want to keep all their money. If I were rich like they are, I would want to keep all my money too!

What bothers me is that the creepy slimeball Sheldon Silver claims to represent the poor downtrodden masses yearning to breathe free. Every time someone talks about abolishing rent control, Sheldon Silver produces some gnarled 86 year old woman who is living on her monthly pension check of $286.43 per month, and who will have to go sleep on the street if her rent is raised.

This is a fraud. There are 71,000 rent controlled apartments in New York City. Hardly any of them are occupied by poor people and very few are occupied by the elderly.

In reality, the typical owner of a rent controlled apartment lives in a high rise apartment building on the Upper East Side, which is the most exclusive neighborhood where the richest people in New York City live (and where Sheldon Silver lives too) and pays $136.49 per month for a three-bedroom apartment in a luxury building, which the tenant of record in turn sublets to somebody else for $5,000 per month while the tenant in name only lives on the French Riviera.

This scam of living in a supposedly rent controlled apartment in the Upper East Side and receiving or paying rent to another tenant is so common that almost everybody does it.

This is the reason that the number of 71,000 rent controlled apartments never goes down. These people who have these apartments live forever. If someone dies, another person by the same name immediately appears.

Now, our evil monster mayor (You know his name. He may be a monster and a Fascist but at least he is not a Communist) wants to build the famous Second Avenue subway line.

Famous? Why?

Famous because this line was supposed to have been built in about 1953. Sheldon Silver has been holding it up and preventing this line from being built.

For those of you who have not kept up with the latest developments on this, it goes like this:

Here in New York, we used to have what was known as the "L". This was an elevated line which started in the Bronx, came down Second Avenue to Wall and William Streets, turned around and went back up First Avenue to the Bronx.

As that time, New York City was ruled by a man named Robert Moses. He was not the mayor. He was something far more important: The Parks Commissioner. New York City has a lot of parks and they were all under the iron fist of Robert Moses.

The long suffering people of this metropolis did not really like the "eL" because bums slept under it and property values went down. Therefore, they voted a $500 million bond issue. These millions of dollars were raised to tear down the L and dig a subway line in its place.

This project was half way completed. The part that was completed was that they tore down the L in 1956. They never built the subway.

What happened to the money? No. Sheldon Silver did not steal it. What happened was: Robert Moses decided to join the Brooklyn Yacht Club. He submitted his application and of course he was well recommended because HE CONTROLLED THE CITY OF NEW YORK.

However, the Brooklyn Yacht Club turned him down and denied him membership. They had a good reason. The reason was that he was Jewish. (As good a reason as any!)

For some reason, Robert Moses did not take kindly to this decision, so he decided to build a highway right through all the land owned by the Brooklyn Yacht Club. The name of this highway Moses built was the BQE.

So, the next time you are riding down the BQE and you happen to notice that you are traveling right above where the boats are docked, remember that Robert Moses built it like that so that the members of the Brooklyn Yacht Club would have no place to park their yachts.

But Robert Moses needed money to build his highway over the yacht club. Where did he get the money? Easy. He took the money which had been raised to build the Second Avenue Subway. He used that money to build the BQE instead.

What has this to do with Sheldon Silver? (Remember that he is the sleazy creep we are talking about.) Here is what the New York Times said about Sheldon on September 29, 1999:

"New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority said on Tuesday that it planned to spend $1.6 billion for a new Long Island Rail Road tunnel to Grand Central Terminal and $700 million to restart the long-dormant Second Avenue subway project.

'The proposals, in the M.T.A.'s five-year capital plan, still face scrutiny in Albany, where Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has warned that he may block the plan because it favors suburban commuters."

"Favors suburban commuters"!? What a load of crap! Sheldon doesn't want it built because according to the plan it goes through HARLEM. You see, that it where those BLACK PEOPLE live. Sheldon knows that if the subway starts in Harlem and comes down Second Avenue, that will bring those black people into the same neighborhood where those fine, decent, upstanding and respectable white people, including himself, live.

The Second Avenue subway tunnel has already been dug, but only from 125th Street to 124th Street in Harlem. Sheldon Silver plans to leave it that way.

Sam Sloan

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