Ishi Press Company Registration Documents

I am now the Managing Director of Ishi Press (Japan) as well as the President of Ishi Press (California). Here are the Ishi Press (Japan) Company Registration documents. I am listed in the second box on page 4 as "The Director who represents the Company". Click on each document to see it in full size.

This document will enable me to go after the scoundrels who stole at least a half million and perhaps over a million dollars from my company, namely: Hartland Snyder, Elwyn Berlekamp, Nathaniel Berkowitz and James W. Connelley.

This document is dated 11-11-18, which is November 18 on the 11th year of the reign of Emperor Akihiro, which is 1999.

Ishi Press is a Kabushiki Kaisha, which means that it is a corporation which can do everything. I am the Daihyo Torishimari Yaku, which means that I am the director who represents the company. The document itself is called a Tokiboto, which means Company Registration Document.

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