Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, A Movie Review by Sam Sloan

A Great Parody of the Old Were-Wolf Movies

Wallace and his faithful dog Gromit run a humane pest-control company which uses high-tech inventions as burglar alarms to summon them to gardens where rabbits have broken in and are eating the vegetables. The stakes are high, as the 500th Annual Vegetable Growing Contest is about to take place and the townspeople have grown huge pumpkins, carrots and other vegetables to compete in the contest. They fear that the rabbits will eat their prize vegetables before the contest takes place.

Wallace and Gromit do not kill the rabbits they have captured. Instead, they put them into pens and feed them. However, the problem is that the pens are full, so they seek another solution. Meanwhile, Lady Trottington, who is running the contest, has a suitor who seeks permission to shoot the beasts.

The next part of the movie cannot be fully appreciated unless one has seen the old were-wolf movies starring Lon Chaney Jr., such as The Wolf Man (1941). Wallace has invented a mind altering machine. When the moon is full, the machine will alter the minds of everybody attached to it. Since Wallace loves cheese, he attaches himself and a rabbit he has captured to the machine. The plan is that the rabbit will now love cheese instead of vegetables and therefore can be released without endangering the gardens.

The machine seems to work as the rabbit no longer loves carrots but loves cheese instead and is therefore released. What Wallace does not realize is that he has created a giant were-rabbit, who goes through the town eating all the gardens. Now, as in the old Lon Chaney movies, the townspeople gather with pitchforks and torches, trying to kill the were-rabbit to save their gardens before the vegetable growing contest. Where is the Were-rabbit and how can Wallace and Gromit stop him?

This is a great movie. My four year old daughter loves it. Transfixed, she watched the whole thing twice. I did not understand the movie at first and that is the reason why I am writing this description.

Sam Sloan

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