Sandra Kimura Sloan prepares for the World Under-4 Chess Championship

While I am typing this, my daughter Sandra Kimura Sloan is sitting on the floor next to me playing chess with herself.
Sandra Kimura Sloan
Sandra Kimura Sloan prepares for the World Under-4 Chess Championship

I did not teach her how to play. She is learning by watching other kids play. As she moves the pieces around, she keeps saying "Check" and "Bobby Fischer", words she must have learned from the other kids, as I never taught her those words.

I am just wondering when the next World Under-4 Championship will be held so I can enter her. I will enter her as the representative of Japan because she holds dual citizenship. She is a citizen of the US and Japan. Her mother's family is from Hiroshima, so she is registered in Japan as a resident of Hiroshima.

Her Japanese Passport gives her name as Sandra Kimura. Her US passport gives her name as Sandra Kimura Sloan. I will not enter her at the representative of the USA, because then she will first have to prove that she can beat all the other kids in the USA under four. With all these highly trained under-4 kids with their coaches and trainers, I am not confident that Sandra can beat them.

However, if she plays for Japan she has no problem because all the kids over there are playing shogi.

I figure that by 2006 Sandra should be ready to play in the World Chess Olympiad on the Japanese team, which should be no problem because by that time she will be 5 years old and all she will have to do to make the team is be able to beat Miss Watai.

Sandra is three years and four months old. She was born on 11-11-2001, an easy date to remember because it was exactly two months after the attack on the World Trade Center. However, this picture of her getting ready to play chess was taken more than a year ago when Sandra was only two.

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