Grandmaster Becerra of Cuba defects

by Sam Sloan

AUG 25: Chess Grandmaster Julio Becerra Rivero of Cuba has defected today, according to reports out of Miami. This was confirmed by a chess master who was in contact with Becerra through the Internet Chess Club, where Becerra was playing today. Becerra is in Miami.
Grandmaster Julio Becerra Rivero of Cuba

Becerra came to the United States to compete in the World Chess Championship in Las Vegas last month. However, Becerra was eliminated in the first round when he lost a two game match to Aleksej Aleksandrov on July 31 - August 2.

Becerra leaves no family members behind in Cuba. His mother came to America last year. Becerra divorced his wife recently. Reportedly, he has been married three times.

This is the first defection ever by a chess grandmaster from Cuba.

Results of the World Chess Championship match are available at

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