William Beslow, New York's top divorce lawyer

He represents actor Robert De Niro. He represents Marla Mapes in her divorce case against Donald Trump. He represents Patricia Duff in her divorce suit against billionaire Ronald Pearlman. He represents actress Tatum O'Neal in her divorce suit against John McEnroe. He represented Mia Farrow in her notorious child custody suit against Woody Allen.

The New York Daily News calls him "The Best Divorce Lawyer in New York."

Yet, before he represented Robert De Niro, before he represented Mia Farrow, before he represented Marla Mapes, and before he represented Tatum O'Neal, attorney William Beslow represented somebody bigger than any of them.

Yes, his client was bigger than Donald Trump, bigger than John McEnroe, bigger than Ronald Pearlman.

Who was that person? Yes, you guessed it:: William Beslow represented Sam Sloan.

I hired William Beslow to represent me in the Honzagool in the Bronx Supreme Court in 1981. He told me that he had never lost a child custody case. He did not really lose my case either, but eventually I lost my baby.

I paid William Beslow more than $9,000 (nine thousand dollars) in legal fees. Eventually, I ran out of money and could not pay him any more. His total bill came to more than $23,000.

However, that is not the reason I lost my baby, although it did not help. I did not lose the case in New York, where the child was born. Eventually I obtained legal custody of my child in New York (but that was long after Honzagool had abandoned the child and gone back to her native Pakistan.)

I lost my child because Charles and Shelby Roberts kidnapped my daughter and took her to Amherst County, Virginia, where a judgment of a New York Supreme Court has no force and effect.

I have never blamed William Beslow for the loss of my child. I am merely astonished to learn that he is now regarded as the top divorce lawyer in New York.

And, by the way, he learned it all from me. When I could not pay him any more cash money, he hired me to research the law, especially the law of pre-marital agreements.

The way this law works is that in most states a wife is entitled to a "widow's share" of her husband's estate. When a rich old man with children from a prior marriage wants to marry a beautiful young girl but does not want to give all his money to the beautiful young girl, he gets her to sign a pre-marital agreement. In this agreement, he states that he is possessed of great wealth amounting to more than $10 million dollars and he is giving his new wife one thousand dollars in full consideration of this marriage and that she will be entitled to no more money in the event of death or divorce.

Then, six months after the marriage, she decides that she would really like to have that $10 million dollars and she had been the victim of a fraud, so she sues him and alleges that actually he has $15 million dollars.

This was the case that Beslow hired me to research. I found every reported case about this in the New York law books and wrote a paper for Beslow on this. I also wrote the brief in the Honzagool case, and he signed it.

The research I did for Beslow is directly applicable to the lawsuits in which he is now involved. Marla Mapes is the arch-typical beautiful young girl who claims that Donald Trump failed to disclose to her that he is immensely wealthy when he married her and got her to sign the pre-marital agreement.

You may think that this case is ridiculous, but lawyers make a lot of money off of these ridiculous cases.

I believe that William Beslow is still my attorney of record in the Honzagool case in the Bronx Supreme Court, Case No. 17815/1981.

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