Olivia Kidd, Sister of Shelby Roberts

Olivia Kidd, Sister of Shelby Roberts, holding my daughter Shamema, when Shamema was still a baby.

Olivia was a nice lady who was hired by my mother to take care of me when both my legs were broken when I was struck by a car on March 5, 1975. After two weeks in the hospital in Plattsburg, New York, my mother had me flown in a small private aircraft to the Falwell Airport in Lynchburg, Virginia and then I spent six months in my mother's house before I could walk again.
Olivia Kidd, Sister of Shelby Roberts

Olivia had several adult-sitting jobs, mostly caring for elderly people, and sometimes when there was a conflict she would send her sister, Shelby Roberts, over to take her place. A remarkable fact was that Shelby was 26 years younger that Olivia even though they both had the same father and the same mother. Her mother had given birth to Olivia when she was a teenager and to Sheklby when she was over 40. At the time I met them, Olivia was 62 years old and Shelby was 36.

Their personalities were very much different. Olivia liked to tell dirty jokes for example.

Some years before this there had been a scandal in their church. The pastor had been caught having an adulterous affair with the wife of one the parishioners in the church. The church split up. Half of the church stayed with the old preacher who had committed adultery. The other half formed a new church which is called the Temple Baptist Church.

Olivia stayed with the preacher who had committed adultery. Shelby went to the new church.

"It wasn't me what done it", said Olivia. "He was a good preacher." Finding it difficult to take care of a child by myself, I hired Shelby as a baby-sitter. I tried to hire Olivia but at that time she had a full schedule of adults to take care of plus she was 69 years old. Shelby was unemployed.

This proved to be a terrible mistake, as Shelby later tried to grab my daughter for herself.

One thing which had impressed me favorably about Shelby was that she had cared for her mother, who was over 90 years old, until she died. However, Shamema later told me that this was not true. Actually, when her mother had become elderly, Shelby had put her out of the house and she went to live with Olivia in a trailer. Olivia had taken care of the mother until she died. It had just happened that the mother was in Shelby's house when I visited Shelby.

The Social Security Death Index shows that Olivia Kidd was born on August 3, 1912 and died on March 27, 1989 in Madison Heights, Virginia. Her social security number was 225-03-4932.

After Olivia, who was also known as Libby, died, Shelby and her husband Charles began efforts in earnest to kidnap my daughter, Shamema. They finally succeeded on October 7, 1990.

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