Federal Warrant for the Arrest of Bobby Fischer

Warrant for Arrest Dickey J.

United States District Court
for the District of Columbia



Criminal No. CR 92-475-01 GJC
Name and Address of Person to be Arrested:

No Known Address
DOB: 3/9/43

To U.S. Marshall or any authorized agent:

YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to arrest the above named person and bring that person before the nearest available magistrate to answer the charge(s) listed below:

Description of Charge:


[stamp] received [date illegible] '93 U.S. Marshall

Ordered by Patrick U. Atteridge
United States Magistrate Judge
date 12/15/92

The above document can be viewed in Adobe PDF format at Bobby Ang's Home Page.

Here are the three cited sections of the United States Code:

Sec. 1701. Unusual and extraordinary threat; declaration of national emergency; exercise of Presidential authorities

(a) Any authority granted to the President by section 1702 of this title may be exercised to deal with any unusual and extraordinary threat, which has its source in whole or substantial part outside the United States, to the national security, foreign policy, or economy of the United States, if the President declares a national emergency with respect to such threat.

(b) The authorities granted to the President by section 1702 of this title may only be exercised to deal with an unusual and extraordinary threat with respect to which a national emergency has been declared for purposes of this chapter and may not be exercised for any other purpose. Any exercise of such authorities to deal with any new threat shall be based on a new declaration of national emergency which must be with respect to such threat.

Sec. 1702. Presidential authorities

(a) (1) At the times and to the extent specified in section 1701 of this title, the President may, under such regulations as he may prescribe, by means of instructions, licenses, or otherwise - (A) investigate, regulate, or prohibit - (i) any transactions in foreign exchange, (ii) transfers of credit or payments between, by, through, or to any banking institution, to the extent that such transfers or payments involve any interest of any foreign country or a national thereof, (iii) the importing or exporting of currency or securities; and (B) investigate, regulate, direct and compel, nullify, void, prevent or prohibit, any acquisition, holding, withholding, use, transfer, withdrawal, transportation, importation or exportation

Sec. 1705. Penalties

(a) A civil penalty of not to exceed $10,000 may be imposed on any person who violates, or attempts to violate, any license, order, or regulation issued under this chapter.

(b) Whoever willfully violates, or willfully attempts to violate, any license, order, or regulation issued under this chapter shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than $50,000, or, if a natural person, may be imprisoned for not more than ten years, or both; and any officer, director, or agent of any corporation who knowingly participates in such violation may be punished by a like fine, imprisonment, or both.

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