Should the USCF be censured by FIDE for Expelling Bobby Fischer?

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The agenda is out today.
A new proposal, not favoured by the establishment, would receive short shrift if introduced at this late stage. I got my material in on time, although I did not know the date required. There was nothing to stop the USCF. Sam opines that two of the USCF delegates were opposed to such a proposal. The USCF could have required that it went forward.To claim that an organisation is not democratic, but to fail to follow the procedure is nonsense. Sam Sloan or Larry Parr could have put in a proposal, backed by nobody else.
Stewart Reuben

Where can I get this agenda, and is it really true that a private individual can submit a proposal and have it put on the FIDE agenda?

I would like to propose to FIDE that the USCF be censured for expelling Bobby Fischer from the USCF and for banning Bobby Fischer from playing chess on political grounds.

The act of banning a player from chess on political grounds, which is what the USCF has done, is a clear violation of FIDE statutes. Even in the darkest days of the Soviet Union, the notorious Soviet dissident Boris Gulko was never banned from playing chess.

The act of the USCF in expelling and banning Fischer from chess is deserving of the strongest international opprobrium.

Sam Sloan

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