Letter to the Bolivian Consulate about Sarah Wilson

Sam Sloan
153 Remsen Street
Brooklyn NY 11201

(718) 469-2831

June 26, 1998

Paul Bruckner
Consulate General of Bolivia
211 East 43rd Street, Room 702
New York NY 10017

Via FAX: (212) 687-0532

Dear Mr. Bruckner,

I hereby request the assistance of the Consulate General of Bolivia in locating Sr. Attorney Juan Carlos Camacho Romero of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, or his wife, Nora, of San Francisco, or their son, Louis Camacho. They are all Bolivian nationals.

The reason for my request is as follows: Louis Camacho is the father and Juan Carlos Camacho Romero is the grandfather of Sarah Wilson, a troubled young woman who was born on May 1, 1982 and is now 16 years old.

Sarah Wilson

The mother of Sarah Wilson is mentally ill and has been in and out of mental hospitals for years. She is incapable of taking care of her daughter.

The father of Sarah Wilson was, the last I saw him, which was in August, 1992, in San Francisco City and County Jail on a domestic relations charge. The last I heard, Louis Camacho was wanted for murder. Nobody I know has seen or heard from him since 1994.

As a result, his daughter, Sarah Wilson, is homeless and living on the streets of New York City. She has called me asking for help. However, there is little I can do to help her, since she is not my child. Sarah Wilson is aware that I know her father and has asked me to locate him, or his mother or his father.

At the same time, Sarah Wilson has a grandfather, Juan Carlos Camacho Romero, who is or at least at one time was a wealthy and prominent person in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I have read newspaper articles about him. He was the District Attorney of Santa Cruz. According to these articles and also according to an unsealed federal indictment of a United States District Court I have read, in the early 1980s, he was accused by the US Embassy in Bolivia of failing to prosecute known drug traffickers in Santa Cruz. He was arrested in Bolivia and charged with this. However, by 1992, he had been cleared of these charges, was out of prison and was in the process of re-establishing his law practice in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, or so I was told.

The main thing is that Juan Carlos Camacho-Romero has a granddaughter who is homeless, destitute and living on the streets of New York City. Sarah Wilson has had a very troubled life. She was removed from her mother at birth and placed in foster care. All her life, she has been in and out of foster homes, juvenile detention centers and other facilities. She desperately wants and needs a home and a place to stay.

I am certain that Juan Carlos Camacho-Romero knows her story and is aware that he has a granddaughter named Sarah, because Louis Camacho, when I last knew him, was actively searching for his daughters and was concerned for their welfare. At that time, the California Family Court had awarded him joint custody of his daughters, but he had been unable to enforce the orders of the court because he did not know where they were. Sarah has two younger sisters, Rebecca and Bethany, but they have been separated from Sarah since 1991 and nobody knows where they are. The whereabouts of Sarah Wilson herself were unknown for the last six years until she suddenly emerged in December, 1997.

For these reasons, I hope that you will be able to locate Attorney Juan Carlos Camacho Romero and that he will be able to provide a home for his granddaughter.

Very Truly Yours,

Sam Sloan

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