Everybody is Searching for a Fugitive Runaway Child - What happens to her depends on who finds her first

The other dramatic development going on concerns Sarah Wilson, a child who was kidnapped from her mother on November 5, 1990, at almost the same time as my daughter. She recently ran away from a foster home and went to live in her mother's house in Winchester, Virginia. When her mother was summonsed and was about to take her into court, she ran away again, this time to New York.

Due to having been molested and exploited for the last eight years by that monstrous criminal, Judge Janow, this child wisely made a run for it. Her name has just been placed on the National Registry for Missing and Exploited Children. What happens to her depends on who finds her first!

If you see her, give her a safe place of refuge. Do not call 1-800-843-5678, because they will just forcibly return her back to the criminals from whom she is so desperately trying to escape.

Now the police are looking for her in New York. I think she is long gone from there.

The last time I saw Sara's father, he was in jail with me! I had met him by coincidence while we were both kibitzing the same chess game at the corner of Powell and Market Street in San Francisco.

I later heard that he is wanted for murder.

Her mother called last week to tell me where she believed Sara was staying, which turned out to be near my house. I walked over there yesterday morning and spent one hour talking to the mother of the boy, 19, that Sara ran away with. They are from Guyana and are of Indian origin. The mother says that she has not seen her son since Christmas. It turned out that the police had already been there that morning looking for Sara.

This is an extremely dangerous situation for me. I have never met Sara Wilson but I have been following her case since 1990. She definitely did the right thing by running away from all these people. Her mother thinks that the police will pick her up and send her back to her mother. However, this will never happen. Probably, if caught, Sara will be locked up in a juvenile detention center again by Judge Janow.

Sarah is 15. She will turn 16 on May 1, 1998.

Sarah has two younger sisters, Bethany and Rebecca, who disappeared at the same time all three girls were kidnapped on November 5, 1990. The two younger sisters have not been seen in years. They should be 13 and 14 now.

The only hope as I see it is to contact her grandfather in Bolivia, who is said to be a wealthy attorney. How he made his wealth is another story. He is on the DEA list of extradictables for accepting bribes to protect drug traffickers while he was District Attorney of Santa Cruz Bolivia. He cannot come to the US. I once heard that he was connected with Pablo Escobar.

I tried to call directory information in Bolivia with no success.

Here is a message I posted on soc.culture.bolivia last night.

I am trying to locate Attorney Juan Carlos Camacho-Romero, in Santa Cruz Bolivia.

He is the former District Attorney of Santa Cruz. He was an important or famous personality there at one time.

His granddaughter Sarah, age 15, has run away from foster home in Virginia. She is now in New York. She does not want to return to Virginia.

I am trying to locate Sarah's father, Louis Camacho, the son of attorney Camacho but he cannot be found.

(I believe that Louis Camacho might be in jail).

I am hoping that Attorney Camacho can do something to help his granddaughter because nobody else in the family can be located. Sarah's mother is mentally ill.

If you have any idea of how I can contact Attorney Camacho, please let me know.

Sam Sloan

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