Call to Tim Redman to Resign

I hereby call on Tim Redman to resign as President of the United States Chess Federation.

I say this because I have received e-mail in the last few hours from several different people who have very bad things to say about Tim Redman.

I will not repeat or pass on what they are alleging, but I will say the following:

1. The charges are serious and, if true, Redman could not survive more than a few days as president, were they to become public.

Our Great Leader, Tim Redman
Our Great Leader, Tim Redman

2. The charges against Redman come from different people who do not know about each other and who have no reason to dislike Redman and no history of being opposed to Redman.

One criteria to judge in cases like this is whether the people making critical remarks are long time supporters or opponents of the person in question. Stated differently, the question is whether some people have changed their minds.

In Redman's case, several people who supported him for president in August, only two months ago, are now against him. This is a very bad sign.

However, the letters I have just received come from people who are not on the newsgroups and who have never previously expressed an opinion about Redman that I am aware of.

I have a feeling that Redman knows exactly what accusations are being made about him. He need not worry about me, because I will not repeat them.

However, I do believe that Redman would be personally better off to resign at this point in time.

If he does not resign, he will probably survive for a while. Because of the system which he tried to change only two months ago without success, he cannot be removed unless two of the members of the Executive Board who voted for him in the past switch their votes and vote against him now.

Rumor has it that Doris Barry is wavering in her support for Redman. Yes, I know, I was surprised to hear that too, but remember that her husband is Denis Barry, who was long a supporter of small chess organizers.

The other supporters of Redman are Helen Warren, Jim Pechac and Redman himself.

One of them will need to vote against Redman to put him out of office. I feel that there is zero chance that Helen Warren will vote against Redman.

Unfortunately, although Pechac appears to be a sensible guy, there is nothing to indicate that he has any inclination to vote against Redman.

So, Redman can probably hold on to the presidency. However, in my view, Redman is making a mistake. He would be better off leaving now, before some of the allegations being made about him become public.

Sam Sloan

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