Girls Playing Chinese chess

After the Seven Stars Cup International Chinese Chess Tournament in Beijing in 1988, a local whiskey company offered prizes to any foreigner who could defeat the locals at Chinese chess. First, we were given a one grade opponent. If we won, we were given a grade two opponent and so on up to grade five, who was the traditional world champion, Hu Long Hua.
Girls Playing Chinese chess

Our grade one opponents were all girls, but they were strong and experienced at Chinese chess. Almost all of the foreigners lost to them. However, we were given a second and a third chance. I finally defeated two of them in a row, worked my way up to grade three, and was given a grade three certificate, which I still cherish. Nobody made it to grade five. Mr. Wong of Hong Kong, a wealthy player of master strength, made it to grade four, but lost at that level.

Ismail Sloan

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