I have been certified as a candidate for USCF Executive Board

I have been informed by the USCF Secretary that I have received the requisite number of nominations to be certified as a candidate for Executive Board of the United States Chess Federation. The Secretary has also posted this on the Chess Politics newsgroup.

I was getting worried because I had almost enough signatures, but several were in the mail and I was afraid that I might fall one or two short. The final deadline for filing is April Fools Day. I am glad that it did not have to wait until April Fools Day to be certified.
Sam Sloan holding his daughter Anusha, the youngest of his seven children

I had more trouble this year than in the past mainly because the New York Open was canceled this year whereas I had collected several signatures at that event in a previous year.

Also, a certain other candidate has been complaining that I have been attacking him in the Internet newsgroups, which is not true, except that I defended somebody that he attacked.

Although I will run a completely independent campaign and I am not a member of any clique, group or slate, I look to guidance as to how I should conduct my campaign, especially from those who helped me by signing my nominating petition.

Here are my campaign issues which I intend to raise:

1. One Man One Vote (women will not be allowed to vote, of course).

2. Booby. The USCF Executive Board should muster its political influence to have this man allowed to return to the US for the advancement of chess. This is also intertwined with the OMOV issue.

3. Internet Chess. While there has been some improvement, the USCF is falling further and further behind, while the rest of the world is zooming forward at lightening speed. I am by a very wide margin the candidate who knows most about the Internet and is most actively involved on the Internet.

4. Rating system. The most valuable asset which the USCF has is the chess rating system. This is why everybody needs us. However, the rating system has been the subject of political manipulation over the years, with bonus points, feedback points, fiddle points, inflation, deflation and just about everything else. Serious mathematicians have devoted hard work to the rating system trying to improve it, only to have their recommendations ignored. Top priority must be given to this matter.

5. Scholastic Chess - Under absolutely no circumstances should scholastic dues be raised. Little kids should not be expected to "pay their own way" as many have demanded. We gotta get these kids hooked on chess.

6. FIDE - Reform the World Chess Federation and expel both the Island of Jersey and the Island of Guernsey from full equal memberships in FIDE.

7. Putney Swope factor - All of the other candidates are yelling or screaming at each other or will be soon. I have no real enemies in chess.

Sam Sloan

Why Sam Sloan should be elected to the USCF Executive Board

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