The perfect and most thoughtful gift for your girlfriend: Viagra: The new Wonder Drug for Women: But only men are allowed to have it!

Women have always had it tough. While men complain that they cannot get it up, women have had to suffer in silence, often "faking it" by claiming that they have had an orgasm, when in reality they have felt nothing at all.

Now, a new drug has come out, Viagra, the cure for impotency in men. Viagra was developed by Pfizer.
Viagra Pills

Pfizer researchers, in doing their test studies, failed to recognize that what works for men should work for women too. Therefore, women were banned from participating in the test study. Therefore, it is illegal for women to possess this drug!

The principle is or should have been obvious. The male and female sexual organs are essentially the same, but are slightly modified by hormones during fetal development. The male scrotum is the same as the female vagina, only turned inside out. The male testes are the same as the female ovaries. The male penis is the same organ as the female clitoris.

The female vagina is obviously much larger than the male scrotum. The female clitoris is much smaller than the male penis. The female clitoris has the same number of nerve endings as the penis: Only, they are packed into a smaller space.

The age old question is: If that is the case, then why it is that men appear to crave sex more than women?

Probably, the truth is that women crave sex more than men do, but it is harder for them to get it.

This is where Viagra comes or should come in.

Almost all women feel that they are missing something important in life due to their inability to achieve orgasm. Many women say that they have never had an orgasm at all. Probably a majority say that they can only achieve orgasm through masturbation, never with the help of a man.

Then, why do they even bother with men at all? Why don't they just masturbate?

The answer many women will give is that there is nothing which can replicate the rush of hot semen into their vagina, something which only a man can provide. This still leaves them sexually unsatisfied, however.

The cause of this injustice? One obvious explanation is that it is said that it takes a woman 7 1/2 minutes to achieve orgasm, but statistically the average man only maintains sexual intercourse for 1 1/2 minutes. He comes up short: He ejaculates six minutes too soon for the woman to achieve orgasm.

Defining sexual dysfunction as discomfort during sexual intercourse, dryness, increased time for arousal, diminished ability to reach orgasm, or diminished clitoral sensation, a study has found that 58 percent of women are affected.

It should be obvious that if Viagra is proven, as it has been, to give men prolonged erections, then this drug will have the same effect on the woman's clitoris.

This news will cause distress in many men. They will feel that women will not need them for sex any more. However, look at the bright side. Women are not allowed to have this drug. They will not be allowed to get it until FDA approved testing is completed. No such testing has started or even has been approved. Once the tests have started, they will take years to complete.

So, if your girlfriend wants to try Viagra, you will have to go down to the doctor, tell him that you are having difficulty attaining erections, and get him to prescribe Viagra for you. Then, give it to your girlfriend! She will not be able to have sex by herself. She will still need a man, you!

She will want it. Don't worry.

A 55-year-old nurse at the University of Maryland said she, and virtually every woman she knows, would like to try Viagra.

"I think everyone wonders if it could be better," she said.

Sam Sloan

UPDATE: New York Post Reports: Many women are now using Viagra

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