Viagra testimonial: Man, 63, has new wife, 30, and forthcoming child, all because of Viagra

Viagra for Men, News for Women!

This is a true story: Three months ago, a friend who is 63 years old wrote a letter asking me to find a source for him to buy Viagra, which was not yet available in his country. However, a few days later he told me not to bother. He had found a source on the Internet.

Today, he wrote to tell me that Viagra works so well that now he has a new wife and already she is pregnant with his child.

By the way, his new wife is Chinese. She is 30 years old. Those of us who have ever had a Chinese girlfriend know what Chinese girls like to do!

Here is his letter:

Dear Sam,

How is the IPO going? I will soon have two more mouths to feed (wife and baby), and I don't know how I am going to support them, so I am depending on this offering.

Fukuyama Hiroaki

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