Warning: This Photo is Not Intended to Be Pornographic, But Will be to Some

Here is what I learned during my four years at Berkeley.

This photograph is intended as a lesson in essential human anatomy.

The reason most men make inadequate lovers is that they do not know where the clitoris is, nor do they understand the importance of this organ.

The clitoris is the female version of the penis. The clitoris is much smaller than the penis, but has exactly the same number of nerve endings.

Just as a male gets most but not all of his sexual pleasure from his penis, the female gets most but not all of her sexual pleasure from her clitoris.

This person is delicately sucking on the partner's clitoris. You should practice this technique at every opportunity, but please be careful.

The clitoris is harder to find than the penis because it is hidden under a hood. It is a delicate organ and must be handled as such. A man knows that a wrong sort of touch to his penis will not only fail to give him pleasure but may cause intense pain. However, many men fail to realize that a rough touch to the clitoris can cause pain to the woman.

Almost all women agree that the best sort of contact with the clitoris comes from the tongue. In the course of human evolution, mother nature must have realized this. It could not be a coincidence that the best lubricant for sexual intercourse comes from human saliva. Clearly, the stone age men who had oral sex reproduced more. The stone age men who did not practice oral sex did not reproduce and died out.

Before having sexual intercourse, these should almost always be oral sex. The saliva provided by the oral sex will improve lubrication and increase the sexual pleasure experienced by both partners.

In addition, oral sex provides time to attain sexual arousal. Women take a few minutes longer than men to become sexually aroused. Oral sex prolongs the sexual experience and provides the woman with the time she needs to become aroused.

In order for a woman to achieve an orgasm, she must first get a "hard-on", just as a man does. Most men do not realize this. They think that just jamming in their own large penis will provide sexual pleasure to the woman. This is not the way it works at all. First, the clitoris must become hard.

If a man sincerely wants his female partner to enjoy the sexual experience (unfortunately many men don't really care) he should first always eat her pussy. The clitoris must be treated delicately. The underside of the clitoris is the most sensitive, just as the underside of the penis is the most sensitive.

To be on the safe side, the man should perhaps not directly contact the clitoris at all. He should work his tongue in a circular fashion around the clitoris.

However, some women do want their clitoris to be licked directly. Some women even want it to be licked really strong and hard. Some women want to have their clitoris sucked, some soft, some hard.

It is always best to be on the safe side and be careful and delicate, touching softly. If she wants you to be harder and rougher, she will tell you.

Although no two women are exactly alike, one good thing is at least they all know what they want. If you think that they have never practiced this before, you are mistaken. All little girls have played with themselves, just as all little boys have played with themselves.

Therefore, the man's job is to figure out what the woman really wants. Unfortunately, women are often reluctant to reveal this, and with good reason. Men want to be the boss. Many men resent being told how to do it. Also, many women prefer the passive role. They like to be overwhelmed, seduced and coerced, by the right man, of course.

However, do not be concerned about this. If you cannot find where the clitoris is, if you neglect to eat her pussy, and if you are unable to figure out what gives her the most pleasure, this will not cause her any problem. She will just find another man.

Sam Sloan

UPDATE: Medusa, "Medusa Herpetologist" , writes:

Hi Sloan! I'm a post medical student at the University of Washington School of Medicine. I was researching some anatomy on the web when I came across your site on the clitoris. I myself don't find it pornographic and I being a woman I can only hope that the men that log onto your site will read it and learn. I even added your site to my favorites.

During my pre-med I learned that even in the earliest stages of pregnancy, what may seem to be testicles and a penis can actually be ovaries and a clitoris, though in ultra-sound inexperienced people can look at the pictures and see what can clearly look like a penis and testicles at the time and misdiagnose the baby. Though this really doesn't pertain to your web site I thought it was very interesting at the time.

I hope men, or certain woman that prefer the same sex as them, come across your site and take it as the seriousness as its meant to be taken as. Your site is a good learning place for a lot of men, and if you don't mind, I'd like to share your site with men that I may come across in the future or younger guys I'm around that are lacking experience with their girlfriends. I wish some of the men I've been with in the past have known what you've written about, not only is essential for enjoyment when it comes to making love, but as a woman, even if penile penetration doesn't accrue while the clitoris is being stimulated, other sexual responses that come from clitoral stimulation can be very wonderful.


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